2.13 Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Issues

2.13.1 User Without admin_high/admin_low Clearance Fails to Log in (Oracle Solaris 11)

When trying to log in, a Permission Denied error message is displayed.

Workaround: Remove the following line from the /etc/pam.d/gdm, /etc/pam.d/utnsclogin, and /etc/pam.d/uthotdesk files.

account required   pam_tsol_account.so.1  allow_unlabeled  

Reference: CR 16416236

2.13.2 Sun Ray Interconnect Configuration

The following entry should be made available in /etc/security/tsol/tnrhdb:

Reference: CR 12247254

2.13.3 Multihead Role Assumption

In a multihead Trusted JDS session, role assumption does not work until utmhscreen is removed.

Reference: CR 12240048

2.13.4 Flash Disk Allocation

Allocating flash disk with UFS file system second time does not work.

Workaround: Hot-plug the device.

Reference: CR 12202377

2.13.5 Multiple Slices/Partitions

Sun Ray mass storage handles only a single slice or partition for use by the Trusted Extensions device allocation framework.

Reference: CR 12195719

2.13.6 xscreensaver Links (Oracle Solaris 10)

Verify that following links are created so that xscreensaver can work correctly:

# ln -s /usr/openwin/bin/xscreensaver /usr/bin/xscreensaver
# ln -s /usr/openwin/bin/xscreensaver-command /usr/bin/xscreensaver-command
# ln -s /usr/openwin/bin/xscreensaver-demo /usr/bin/xscreensaver-demo