4.6 Starting and Stopping Oracle VM Manager

When Oracle VM Manager is installed, it is set to automatically start when the operating system starts. If you want to disable this, enter:

# chkconfig ovmm off

To manually start or stop Oracle VM Manager, and to verify its status, log in as the root user, and use the syntax:

/sbin/service ovmm [start|stop|status|check|restart]

For example, to start Oracle VM Manager:

# /sbin/service ovmm start

To stop Oracle VM Manager:

# /sbin/service ovmm stop

To restart Oracle VM Manager:

# /sbin/service ovmm restart
Stopping Oracle VM Manager
Starting Oracle VM Manager

To check the status of Oracle VM Manager:

# /sbin/service ovmm status
-- OR --
# /sbin/service ovmm check

Oracle VM Manager is running...

The status and check options return whether the Oracle VM Manager service is running or stopped.

If the Oracle VM Manager host computer runs a full graphical desktop environment, you can also use the Services dialog to start and stop Oracle VM Manager. From the Applications menu, select System Settings > Server Settings > Services. Or by running the following command in a terminal to use display Services dialog:

# /usr/bin/system-config-services

In the Service Configuration dialog, select ovmm to check the status, and start or stop it.