Chapter 4 Installing Oracle VM Manager

Table of Contents

4.1 Installation Overview
4.2 Oracle VM Manager Components
4.3 Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements
4.3.1 Hardware Requirements
4.3.2 Software Requirements
4.4 Installing Oracle VM Manager
4.4.1 Mounting the Oracle VM Manager Installation Media
4.4.2 Running the Oracle VM Manager Installer
4.4.3 Configuring the NTP Service
4.4.4 Installing and Configuring Virtual Machine Console Utilities
4.4.5 Installation Logs
4.4.6 Installation Directories
4.5 Logging in to Oracle VM Manager
4.6 Starting and Stopping Oracle VM Manager
4.7 Running Oracle VM Manager as a Virtual Machine
4.8 Adding a Trusted CA Certificate and Keystore for SSL Encryption
4.9 Enabling Remote Log Ins
4.10 Configuring UI Session Timeout
4.11 Changing the Oracle VM Manager admin User Password
4.12 Backing Up Oracle VM Manager
4.13 Restoring Oracle VM Manager
4.14 Uninstalling Oracle VM Manager
4.15 Troubleshooting
4.15.1 General MySQL Debugging
4.15.2 libaio Not Installed
4.15.3 Cannot Install MySQL
4.15.4 Cannot Create OVS Database Schema
4.15.5 Oracle Database Schema Exists
4.15.6 Installation Fails on Non-English Character Set
4.15.7 Installation Fails When Using an NIS-based oracle User Account

This document is intended for users who want to install Oracle VM Manager. This document provides an overview of the Oracle VM Manager installation process.