7.6 Managing VNICs

A VNIC is a virtualized Network Interface Card, used by a Virtual Machine as its network interface. A VNIC is assigned a MAC address. Each MAC address corresponds with a single virtual NIC, which is used by a virtual machine. You can create a VNIC when you create a virtual machine, or you can create VNICS at any time using the Virtual NICs subtab of the Networking tab.

To create VNICs:

  1. Click the Networking tab. Click the Virtual NICs subtab.


    You can also click Create VNICs... Create VNICs... icon in the toolbar in the Servers and VMs tab to create VNICs.

  2. In the Create Virtual NICs area, enter a MAC address in the Initial Address field, or click Auto Fill to randomly select the first MAC address to use.

  3. Select the number of addresses that you want to create in the Create list, and click Create. The VNICs are created and listed in the Virtual NIC table.

  4. To delete VNICs, select one or more in the table and click Delete Selected VNICs Delete Selected VNICs icon in the toolbar. Click OK in the Delete Confirmation dialog box. The VNICs are deleted.

After the creation of the VNICs you are able to use them when you create virtual machines. For more information on creating virtual machines, see Section 7.7, “Creating a Virtual Machine”.


It is important that you do not have overlapping MAC address ranges as this can lead to issues tracing network issues. Oracle VM Manager attempts to prevent the likelihood of this happening by generating unique MAC addresses. However, if you run more than one Oracle VM Manager instance, it is possible that an overlapping MAC address could be generated. If you create a MAC address that is already in the Oracle VM Manager database, an error message is displayed.