Chapter 3 Oracle VM Security Features

Table of Contents

3.1 Oracle VM Network Model
3.1.1 No Network Connection
3.1.2 Isolated Local Network
3.1.3 Trusted Internal Network
3.1.4 Untrusted Internal Network
3.1.5 Internet Facing Services
3.2 Administrator Privileges in Oracle VM
3.3 Storage Configuration
3.4 User Access to Virtual Machines
3.5 Virtual Machine Security Considerations

This chapter describes the main security mechanisms offered by Oracle VM. Its users are administrators, who rely on Oracle VM Manager and the CLI to configure and maintain the physical and virtual environment. The essential elements that define the level of security in Oracle VM, are:


Oracle VM itself does not provide role based access control. If your environment requires it, use Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage your environment and all access to its physical and virtual resources.