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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK
11g Release 2 (


Class PKConstraint

  extended by oracle.javatools.db.AbstractDBObject
      extended by oracle.javatools.db.AbstractChildDBObject
          extended by oracle.javatools.db.Constraint
              extended by oracle.javatools.db.ColumnConstraint
                  extended by oracle.javatools.db.UniqueConstraint
                      extended by oracle.javatools.db.PKConstraint

All Implemented Interfaces:
ChildDBObject, DBObject, Copyable, DynamicPropertySet

public class PKConstraint
extends UniqueConstraint

A PKConstraint represents a Primary Key constraint. A Primary Key combines a NOT NULL constraint and a unique constraint in a single declaration. That is, it prohibits multiple rows from having the same value in the same column or combination of columns and prohibits values from being null.

Nested Class Summary


Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.Constraint


Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.AbstractDBObject
AbstractDBObject.ChildSupport, AbstractDBObject.ListenerSupport


Field Summary
static java.lang.String CONSTRAINT_TYPE


Fields inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.Constraint


Fields inherited from interface oracle.javatools.db.DBObject


Constructor Summary
          Constructs a new PKConstraint.
PKConstraint(java.lang.String name, Relation relation)
          Constructs a new PKConstraint on the specified Relation with the specified name.


Method Summary
protected  void addColumnImpl(Column col, Relation relForColumn)
 java.lang.String getConstraintType()
          Retrieves the type of constraint represented by this instance.
static PKConstraint getPrimaryKey(Relation table)
          Returns a primary key for the given table, if it owns one.


Methods inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.UniqueConstraint
getIndexID, isUnique, setIndexID


Methods inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.ColumnConstraint
addColumn, getColumnIDs, getColumns, isConstrained, removeColumn, setColumnIDs, setColumns


Methods inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.Constraint
getConstraints, getDeferrableState, getRelation, getType, isEnabled, setDeferrableState, setEnabled, setRelation


Methods inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.AbstractChildDBObject
copyToImpl, findParent, getParent, getProperty, setParent, setProperty


Methods inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.AbstractDBObject
changeParent, compareToImpl, copyObject, copyTo, copyTo, copyTo, copyTo, equals, equalsImpl, findOwnedObject, findOwnedObject, findOwnedObject, getChildSupport, getID, getName, getOwnedObjects, getOwnedObjects, getOwnedObjectsImpl, getProperties, getProperty, getReferenceIDs, getReferenceIDsImpl, hashCode, includeOwnedObject, includesType, includesType, removeThisAsParent, replaceReferenceIDs, setID, setName, setProperties, toString


Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait


Methods inherited from interface oracle.javatools.db.DBObject
copyTo, copyTo, copyTo, findOwnedObject, findOwnedObject, getID, getName, getOwnedObjects, getOwnedObjects, getReferenceIDs, replaceReferenceIDs, setID, setName


Methods inherited from interface oracle.javatools.util.DynamicPropertySet
getProperties, getProperty, setProperties


Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String CONSTRAINT_TYPE
See Also:
Constant Field Values

Constructor Detail


public PKConstraint()
Constructs a new PKConstraint.


public PKConstraint(java.lang.String name,
                    Relation relation)
Constructs a new PKConstraint on the specified Relation with the specified name.
a - string containing the name of the constraint
relation - the relation on which this constraint acts

Method Detail


public java.lang.String getConstraintType()
Description copied from class: Constraint
Retrieves the type of constraint represented by this instance. Valid constraint types can vary depending on the database. Examples of constraint types include primary key constraints, foreign key constraints, and check constraints.
getConstraintType in class UniqueConstraint
a string value indicating the type of constraint.


public static final PKConstraint getPrimaryKey(Relation table)
Returns a primary key for the given table, if it owns one.


protected void addColumnImpl(Column col,
                             Relation relForColumn)
addColumnImpl in class ColumnConstraint

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11g Release 2 (


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