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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK
11g Release 2 (


Class PlSqlAttribute

  extended by oracle.javatools.db.AbstractDBObject
      extended by oracle.javatools.db.AbstractBuildableObject
          extended by oracle.javatools.db.plsql.DBObjectPlSqlFragment
              extended by oracle.javatools.db.plsql.PlSqlVariable
                  extended by oracle.javatools.db.plsql.PlSqlAttribute

All Implemented Interfaces:
ChildDBObject, DBObject, Copyable, DynamicPropertySet

public class PlSqlAttribute
extends PlSqlVariable

A representation of a Attribute within a Type. In general inherits its properties from PlSqlVariable with the additional support for SQLJ External Name.

Nested Class Summary


Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.AbstractDBObject
AbstractDBObject.ChildSupport, AbstractDBObject.ListenerSupport


Field Summary
static java.lang.String TYPE


Fields inherited from interface oracle.javatools.db.DBObject


Constructor Summary


Method Summary
 java.lang.String getSqljExternalName()
          Get method for the SqljExternalName property
 java.lang.String getType()
          Returns the type of this object.
 void setSqljExternalName(java.lang.String sqljExternalName)
          Set method for the SqljExternalName property


Methods inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.plsql.PlSqlVariable
getDataTypeReference, getDataTypeUsage, setDataTypeReference


Methods inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.plsql.DBObjectPlSqlFragment
clearSourceID, copyToImpl, getChildAtOffset, getEndOffset, getParent, getSourceID, getStartOffset, setEndOffset, setParent, setStartOffset


Methods inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.AbstractBuildableObject
checkInit, checkInit, equalsImpl, getOwnedObjectsImpl, getProperties, getProperty, getReferenceIDsImpl, needsInitialization, setProperty


Methods inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.AbstractDBObject
changeParent, compareToImpl, copyObject, copyTo, copyTo, copyTo, copyTo, equals, findOwnedObject, findOwnedObject, findOwnedObject, getChildSupport, getID, getName, getOwnedObjects, getOwnedObjects, getProperty, getReferenceIDs, hashCode, includeOwnedObject, includesType, includesType, removeThisAsParent, replaceReferenceIDs, setID, setName, setProperties, toString


Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait


Methods inherited from interface oracle.javatools.db.DBObject
copyTo, copyTo, copyTo, findOwnedObject, findOwnedObject, getID, getName, getOwnedObjects, getOwnedObjects, getReferenceIDs, replaceReferenceIDs, setID, setName


Methods inherited from interface oracle.javatools.util.DynamicPropertySet
getProperties, getProperty, getProperty, setProperties, setProperty


Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String TYPE
See Also:
Constant Field Values

Constructor Detail


public PlSqlAttribute()

Method Detail


public java.lang.String getType()
Description copied from interface: DBObject
Returns the type of this object. Valid types include things like tables, views, synonyms, and columns.
Specified by:
getType in interface DBObject
getType in class PlSqlVariable
a string describing the type of object.


public void setSqljExternalName(java.lang.String sqljExternalName)
Set method for the SqljExternalName property
sqljExternalName - the SQLJ External name of the attribute


public java.lang.String getSqljExternalName()
Get method for the SqljExternalName property
the SQLJ External name of the attribute

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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK
11g Release 2 (


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