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Oracle® Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data Oracle DataLens Server Administration Guide
Release 11g R1 (

Part Number E29138-02
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6 Using the Dashboard

From an Administration server, you can view server information, the log, and set package tracing options.

This chapter describes the following functions are contained in the Admin Dashboard panel, which is active only when you are logged into an Administration Server:

Returning to the Default Administration Page

You can return to the default Administration page from the Admin Dashboard panel by clicking Admin. For a detailed description of this page, see "Elements of the Administration Page".

Viewing the Administration Server Log

You can view an HTML formatted version of the Administration Server log from the Admin Dashboard panel by clicking Admin Log.

Figure 6-1 Administration Server Log

Surrounding text describes Figure 6-1 .

This log file contains all information related to the operation of the Oracle DataLens Server and should be periodically reviewed for operating anomalies.

Setting Packet Tracing

You can toggle informational output in SOAP format from external HTTP request to the Administration Server. This is useful for verifying or debugging information being sent from a client application to the Oracle DataLens Server. The default is that all tracing options are set to off.

You can set the packet tracing from the Admin Dashboard panel by clicking Operations.

Figure 6-2 Packet Tracing - Administration

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Use the options to turn tracing of packets for data lenses, transformation maps, DSAs, or general client information on or off using the options on this page. Click Toggle Packet Tracing to toggle all of the options at once.