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Oracle® Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data R12 PIM Connector Installation Guide
Release 11g R1 (

Part Number E29141-02
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2 Getting Started

This chapter provides information you need to get started installing the R12 PIM Connector, including installation prerequisites, preparing to install, and the components in the product package.

Installation Path

The R12 PIM Connector installation involves three main stages as follows:

Surrounding text describes piminstallprocess.png.

Installation Prerequisites

The following components need to be installed before installing the Enterprise DQ for Product R12 PIM Connector:

  1. Install the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) server including the latest patch sets.

    For 12.1 you must install the Oracle Batch Creation API patch (number 8401045:R12.EGO.C).

    You can check the patch version from the Applications Manager as follows:

    Surrounding text describes or_app_mgr.gif.
  2. Install and configure Enterprise DQ for Product release 11g ( For more information, see Oracle Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data Oracle DataLens Server Installation Guide and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data Oracle DataLens Server Administration Guide.

    The R12 PIM Connector product is included in the EDQP installation as a tar file.

  3. Install Enterprise DQ for Product Services for Excel release 11g ( on your client machines. For more information, see Oracle Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data Services for Excel Reference Guide.

Preparing for Installation

Locate and unzip the R12 PIM Connector release 11g ( product:

  1. Locate and change directories to the Middleware home directory into which you installed EDQP. The default directories are the following:

    On Linux and UNIX:


    On Windows:


    This directory is referenced as MW_HOME in Fusion Middleware documentation.

  2. Unzip MW_HOME/edqp_template1/ in the same directory to extract all files.

  3. Create a directory named R12_PIM, and then change directories to it.

  4. Untar the opdq-connector-r12_pim.tar file to the R12_PIM directory to extract all files using the following command.

    tar -xvf opdq-connector-r12_pim.tar

R12 PIM Connector Package Contents

The R12 PIM Connector product directory, MW_HOME/edqp_template1/R12_PIM, contains the following directory structure:

Surrounding text describes pkgcont.png.
  • dls_pim_connector_install - R12 PIM Connector EBS installation script and integration files.

  • pdqcms_application_templates - Governance Studio and Services for Excel client sample files.

  • serverLocal - R12 PIM Connector data lens and DSA sample files that can be automatically deployed to your Oracle DataLens Server.