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Oracle® Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data R12 PIM Connector Installation Guide
Release 11g R1 (

Part Number E29141-02
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3 Creating the dls User and Schema

This chapter describes how to create the dls user, install the R12 PIM Connector database schema, and associate the installed database schema with the dls user.


This chapter presents one EBS environment. Your EBS environment may be different so the computer responses will differ though the commands you execute do not.

Creating the dls User

The R12 PIM Connector API components are installed on the EBS using Oracle Database user account, dls. Create the dls user:

  1. Log into your EBS database server as user, applmgr or the user that installed the original EBS instance.

  2. Ensure that your login user environment is sourced.

    Following is an example of how to source the applmgr environment file:

    . /d01/oracle/VIS/apps/apps_st/appl/APPSVIS_system1.env

  3. Check that the environment is set correctly:

    echo $TWO_TASK

    The return value should be the SID of the EBS database server.

  4. From the system that you installed EDQP, copy the dls_pim_connector_install folder that you extracted from the product package to a temporary directory on your EBS database server.

  5. On your EBS database server, change directories to the dls_pim_connector_install directory.

    For example, cd MW_HOME/edqp_template1/R12_PIM/dls_pim_connector_install

  6. Create the R12 PIM Connector dls user in the EBS database server:

    sqlplus system/manager@VIS < dls_user_creation.sql

    Ensure that the dls user creation successfully completes and no errors are displayed.

  7. For EBS 12.2.x servers, the dls user must have the "editions" feature enabled. To enable editions for the dls user, enter the following command from SQL*Plus:

    ALTER USER dls ENABLE editions FORCE;

Installing the Database Schema

The PIM Connector database schema which includes tables, views, and packages that implement the PIM Connector API is installed using the script into the EBS dls database user previously created. The necessary grants and privileges to the tables accessed by the Enterprise DQ for Product R12 PIM Connector are configured in the apps/apps schema.

  1. While still logged into the EBS Server as applmgr and in the dls_pim_connector_install directory, change the file permissions of the R12 PIM Connector installation script:

    chmod +x *.sh

  2. Install the database schema:


    Please enter Apps Schema Name for VIS:

  3. Enter:


    Please enter Apps Password for VIS:

  4. Enter:


    Please enter DLS Schema Name for VIS:

  5. Enter:


    Please enter DLS Password for VIS:

  6. Enter:


    The dls database schema has now been populated with the tables, views, packages, synonyms and triggers. The apps schema has also been populated with the grants and synonyms needed to call the Enterprise DQ for Product R12 PIM Connector.

    A log file is written to the tmp directory of the applmgr user.

  7. Review the installation log file, dls_inst_####.log, and ensure that there were no errors.

    The following erroneous error message should be ignored:

    Warning: Package created with compilation errors.
    -------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
    49/3     PL/SQL: Declaration ignored
    51/66    PLS-00201: identifier 'DLS_CONNECTOR_PUB.G_SEMANTICATTR' must be