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Packages that use PropertyValue
com.endeca.itl.record Classes that manage, create, and manipulate Endeca Records. 

Uses of PropertyValue in com.endeca.itl.record

Methods in com.endeca.itl.record that return PropertyValue
 PropertyValue[] Record.getAllPropertyValues()
          Returns all the PropertyValues contained by the Record.
 PropertyValue Record.getPropertySingleValue(String propertyName)
          Returns the PropertyValue with the given name if exactly one exists in the Record.
 PropertyValue[] Record.getPropertyValues(String propertyName)
          Returns all the PropertyValues with the given name.
static PropertyValue PropertyValue.toPropertyValue(String name, Object value)

Methods in com.endeca.itl.record with parameters of type PropertyValue
 void Record.addPropertyValue(PropertyValue propertyValue)
          Adds the given PropertyValue to the Record.
 int PropertyValue.compareTo(PropertyValue propVal)
 boolean Record.hasPropertyValue(PropertyValue propertyValue)
          Returns true if the Record contains the given PropertyValue.
 void Record.removePropertyValue(PropertyValue propertyValue)
          Removes the given PropertyValue from the Record, if present.
 void Record.setAllPropertyValues(PropertyValue[] properties)
          Set the Record's PropertyValues to the given PropertyValues.

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