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Table of Contents

Using the Enterprise Manager for Oracle Tuxedo
Using Web-Based Console
Logging into Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
Viewing Tuxedo Summary
Actions Bar
Search Panel
Target Summary
Target Home Page Introduction
Target Navigation Tree
Target Menu
Content Pane
Right-Click Target Menu
UBB Modification
Credentials Page
Monitoring Tuxedo Targets
Viewing Configuration Topology
TuxJES Monitoring
Oracle Tuxedo-Side Configuration
Login to TuxJES Monitoring Homepage
Monitoring Metrics
Operations on UI Console
GDG Management
Operations on UI Console
Tuxedo Event Monitoring
Reporting for Tuxedo Targets
Using Enterprise Manager SLA
Creating Enterprise Manager Services
Using Resource Broker
About Resource Broker
Application Package Organization and Content
Deployed Application Package Structure On Machine
Application Package Management
Uploading a Package
Removing a Package
Domain UBBCONFIG Editor
Editor Header
Controls Panel
Machine List Panel
Package List Panel
UBB Section Panels
Deploying Application Packages to Tuxedo Domain
Preparing Application Packages
Discovering Tuxedo tlisten and Tuxedo Home
Creating a Tuxedo Domain
Deploying the Domain to Remote Machine
Deploying an Application Package Dynamically
Updating a Deployed Application Package
Removing Package-Associated Groups
Dynamic Resource Broker
Manual Dynamic Deployment
Policy-Driven Dynamic Deployment
Controls on Tuxedo Domain Target
Start Up
Shut Down
Using Resource Broker for ART Batch
Server Configuration
JES Configuration
Assembling and Deploying JES Domain
Using Resource Broker for ART CICS
Server Configuration
CICS Application Package
CICS Configuration Page
Assembling and Deployment
Dynamic Request Broker
Enabling/Disabling Dynamic Request Broker
Viewing Dynamic Load Information
Integration with OVAB
Supported Tuxedo Version
Supported Platform
Scaling Oracle Tuxedo Machines Number with OVAB Script
Deploying Tuxedo Application
Defining Enterprise Manager Policy

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