Optimizing the Oracle® Solaris Desktop for a Multi-User Environment

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Updated: July 2014

How to Install the group/feature/multi-user-desktop IPS Package in a New Boot Environment

When you install the IPS package in a new boot environment, the active boot environment is not modified and the package is installed in a new boot environment.

  1. Log in as a privileged user.
  2. Create a new boot environment by using the beadm command.
    $ beadm create beName
  3. Mount the newly created boot environment to a temporary location.
    $ beadm mount beName /tmp/beName
  4. Install the group/feature/multi-user-desktop package.
    $ pkg -R /tmp/beName install group/feature/multi-user-desktop
  5. Activate the new boot environment .
    $ beadm activate beName
  6. Reboot the system.
    $ reboot

    After the package is installed, the desktop optimizations are available in the new boot environment. Now you must enable optimizations. To enable optimizations, see Enabling Desktop Optimizations.