Securing Users and Processes in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


Numbers and Symbols

$$ (double dollar sign)
parent shell process numberindex iconListing the Privileges in Your Current Shell
removing basic privilege from your processindex iconRemoving a Basic Privilege From Yourself
* (asterisk)
checking for in authorizationsindex iconChecking for Authorizations in a Script or Program
wildcard character
in authorizationsindex iconAuthorization Naming Conventions
. (dot)
authorization name separatorindex iconAuthorization Naming Conventions
{} (curly braces)
extended privileges syntax
index iconHow to Lock Down the MySQL Service
index iconHow to Apply Extended Privilege Policy to a Port
index iconEnabling a Non-root Account to Read a root-Owned File
index iconEnabling a Trusted User to Read Extended Accounting Files