Creating and Using Oracle Solaris 10 Zones

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Updated: September 2014

About Using Packaging and Patching in solaris10 Branded Zones

The SVR4 package metadata is available inside the zone, and the package and patch commands work correctly. For proper operation, note that you must install patches 119254-75 (SPARC) or 119255-75 (x86/x64), or later versions, on your Oracle Solaris 10 system before the archive is created. The software download site for patches is My Oracle Support. Click on the "Patches & Updates" tab to view the download instructions and download the images. Contact your support provider for additional information regarding patches.

Because the solaris10 brand zones are whole root zones, all packaging and patch operations work as described in the man pages and other documentation. Note that the kernel components of the package or patch are not used for the installation. SVR4 packages are only installed into the current zone. For information about SVR4 packaging used in solaris10 and native zones, see “Chapter 25, About Packages on an Solaris System With Zones Installed (Overview)” and “Chapter 26, Adding and Removing Packages and Patches on a Solaris System With Zones Installed (Tasks)“ in System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones . This is the Oracle Solaris 10 version of the guide.

For information on system release level, see Chapter 1, Introduction to Oracle Solaris 10 Zones.