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Oracle® Application Integration Architecture Order Management Integration Pack for Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle E-Business Suite and Siebel CRM Implementation Guide
Release 3.1.1

Part Number E20504-05
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9 Data Requirements and Prerequisites

This chapter covers data requirements, prerequisites, or both for Oracle Transportation Order Management integrations and includes the following sections:

9.1 Customer Integration

As a prerequisite, the customer management process integration is not dependent on other processes being run; however, the organization cross-reference must be set up first. See Chapter 10, "Working with Cross-References".

The data requirements for customer process integration are:

9.2 Location Integration

As a prerequisite, before synchronizing a location, you must synchronize the corresponding parent account to Oracle Transportation Management (OTM).

9.3 Order Integration

The prerequisites are:

The data requirements are:

9.4 Order Status Integration

The prerequisites are:

The data requirements are:

9.5 Product Integration

This integration has no specific requirements.

9.6 Query Transportation Order Itinerary Integration

The prerequisites are: