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Oracle® Application Integration Architecture Oracle Driver Management Integration Pack for Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle E-Business Suite Implementation Guide
Release 3.1

Part Number E23246-06
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7 Data Requirements and Prerequisites

This chapter covers data requirements, perquisites, or both for Oracle Transportation Driver Management integrations.

7.1 Driver Profile Integration

These are the data requirements:

These are the prerequisites:

The first name is mandatory in Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Though not mandatory for the interface to work and for synchronizing the records, the user must enter this value in the Oracle E-Business Suite.

The driver profile flow should subscribe to a group event in the Oracle E-Business Suite HRMS Workflow. The multiple events associated with the CRUD operations of the Driver Maintenance in HRMS are under one group event. This simplifies the processing of driver data from Oracle E-Business Suite to OTM. The AIA user should subscribe to the group event in the Oracle E-Business Suite workflow manually.

7.1.1 Location Integration

The location integration has no data requirements or prerequisites.

7.1.2 Training and Absence Calendar Integration

These are the data requirements:

  • Drivers must be synchronized between Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Transportation Management (OTM).

  • Training Locations must be synchronized to OTM for all training events.

  • All the required configuration properties should also be specified.

7.1.3 Work Invoice Integration

The prerequisite is that the driver included in the work invoice needs to be synced into OTM.