About the Application Builder Home Page

The Application Builder home page displays all installed applications. Applications are divided into two categories: database applications and Websheet applications. To learn more, see "Understanding the Difference Between Database and Websheet Applications".

Tabs at the top of the Application Builder home page enable you to choose the type of applications to view. Available tabs include: All Applications, Database Applications, Websheet Applications, and Packaged Application. To learn more about packaged applications, see " Utilizing Packaged Applications ".

You can customize the appearance of the Application Builder home page using the Search bar at the top of the page. Available controls include:

  • Search icon - Resembles a magnifying glass. Click this icon to narrow your search to only specific columns. To search all columns, select All Columns.

  • Text area - Enter case insensitive search criteria (wildcard characters are implied) and then click Go.

  • Go button - Executes a search or applies a filter.

  • View Icons (default) - Displays each application as a large icon identified by the application name.

  • View Report - Displays each application as a line in a report. Each line includes the application ID, the application name, when the application was last updated, the page count, and who last updated the application.

  • View Detail - Displays detailed information about each application.

  • Actions menu - Displays the Actions menu. Use this menu to customize the report view. See "About the Actions Menu".

The following buttons appear to the right of the navigation bar:

About the Tasks List

A Tasks list displays on the right side of the Application Builder home page.

The Tasks list contains the following links:

About Recent

The Recent list contains links to recently viewed applications.

About Migrations

Links to Oracle Application Express Application Migration Workshop. Use this tool to migrate a Microsoft Access application or convert an Oracle Forms application to an Oracle Application Express application. See Oracle Application Express Application Migration Guide.