Accessing Interactive Reports Using JAWS

This section describes how to access interactive reports using JAWS.


Accessing the Actions Menu

Interactive report regions contain an Actions menu which is the main entry point to much of the functionality offered by these regions.

To access the Actions menu with JAWS:

  1. Press INSERT + F5 to load the Select a Form Field dialog box.

  2. Press A repeatedly to reach the Actions Button field.

  3. Press ENTER to navigate to the Actions button.

  4. Press ENTER to open the Actions menu.

    You must now switch off the JAWS virtual PC cursor. The Actions menu is fully keyboard accessible.

  5. Press INSERT + Z to switch off the JAWS virtual PC cursor.

    JAWS announces, "Use Virtual PC Cursor Off."

  6. Press UP and DOWN to move up and down the current level of menu and LEFT and RIGHT to navigate in and out of sub-menus. The menu consists of:

    • Select Columns

    • Filter

    • Rows Per Page (Contains a submenu to select the number of rows the report displays)

    • Format (Contains a submenu to specify Sort, Control Break, Highlight, Compute, Aggregate, Chart, Group By).

    • Save Report

    • Reset

    • Help

    • Download

    • Subscription

  7. Once you have chosen the specific action you want to perform, press ENTER to load the relevant dialog.

    For example, assume you select Filter. The Filter dialog loads. When it is updated, JAWS announces the name of the current page followed by the first form field in the dialog which has focus.

  8. Refresh the virtual cursor now, by pressing INSERT + ESC.

    JAWS announces, "Screen Updated."

  9. To switch the JAWS virtual PC cursor back on, press INSERT + Z.

    JAWS announces, "Use Virtual PC Cursor On."

    Next, define your filter attributes. This dialog contains slightly different form fields depending on your filter type and subsequent selections. The default fields for defining a Column filter are a Column select list, Operator select list, and Expression input.

  10. To hear these fields, just press the JAWS shortcut key F and SHIFT + F a few times to move around these field items. Then, select or enter your filter details into the form fields.

    Next, apply the filter. The dialog ends with a Cancel and Apply button, which can be navigated to using the JAWS shortcut key B.

  11. Press B until you hear, "Apply" and then press ENTER.

    The page refreshes and JAWS announces when the content has refreshed by starting to read the current report settings.

  12. To go straight to the report information, press the JAWS shortcut key T to go to the data table containing the information with the applied filter.

    Other dialogs for other functionality can be added in a similar fashion.