About Data Sections

You can create data sections based upon a data grid or report.


Adding a Data Section to a Page

Once you create a data grid or report, you add it to a page by adding a data section.

To add a data section:

  1. Run the Websheet application. See "Running a Websheet".

  2. From the Create menu, select New Section.

  3. When prompted for the section type, select Data and click Next.

  4. Specify the following:

    1. Data Section Source - Select either Data Grid or Report.

    2. Display Sequence - Enter the section display sequence.

    3. Data Grid/Report - Select the data grid or report to be used to display the data section.

    4. Report Settings to Use - For the selected data grid or report, select the report settings to use. This selection enables you to filter the rows and columns you want to display and set the columns to display. If you do not have a saved report with the settings you need, create it now before adding the section.

    5. Title - Enter the section title.

    6. Include - Select whether to add the following:

      • Add Row (available if Data Section Source is Data Grid)

      • Edit Row(available if Data Section Source is Data Grid)

      • Search Field

    7. Style - Choose a user interface style.

    8. Click Next.

  5. Click Create Section.

Editing a Data Section

Once you have added a data report to a page, you can change the section sequence, title, and user interface style.

To edit a data section:

  1. Run the Websheet as described in "Running a Websheet".

  2. Click the Edit icon that displays in the upper right of the section.

    The Edit Section page appears.

  3. Edit the fields provided. See item Help for more details.

  4. To save your changes, click Apply Changes.