12.3.2 Running OSWbb

To start OSWbb, run the startOSWbb.sh script from the oswbb directory.

# ./startOSWbb.sh [frequency duration]

The optional frequency and duration arguments specifying how often in seconds OSWbb should collect data and the number of hours for which OSWbb should run. The default values are 30 seconds and 48 hours. The following example starts OSWbb recording data at intervals of 60 seconds, and has it record data for 12 hours:

# ./startOSWbb.sh 60 12
Testing for discovery of OS Utilities
VMSTAT found on your system.
IOSTAT found on your system.
MPSTAT found on your system.
NETSTAT found on your system.
TOP found on your system.
Testing for discovery of OS CPU COUNT
Starting Data Collection...
oswbb heartbeat: date/time
oswbb heartbeat: date/time + 60 seconds

To stop OSWbb prematurely, run the stopOSWbb.sh script from the oswbb directory.

# ./stopOSWbb.sh

OSWbb collects data in the following directories under the oswbb/archive directory:




Contains output from the iostat utility.


Contains a listing of the contents of /proc/meminfo.


Contains output from the mpstat utility.


Contains output from the netstat utility.


If you have enable private network tracing for RAC, contains information about the status of the private networks.


Contains output from the ps utility.


Contains a listing of the contents of /proc/slabinfo.


Contains output from the top utility.


Contains output from the vmstat utility.

OSWbb stores data in hourly archive files named system_name_utility_name_timestamp.dat, and each entry in a file is preceded by the characters *** and a timestamp.