A.3.4 channel.software.listLatestPackages

The listLatestPackages method returns a list of the latest packages that are available from a channel.

Input Parameters

string sessionKey

The session key for the session. For example: JyUVNoT74BFaRJ6fRjDIQ5idPmCaj5UJLb76E2f45Gc.

string channelLabel

The channel label for the channel that you wish to query. For example: ol7_x86_64_latest

Return Parameters


An array of latest packages:

struct (package)

A structure containing the following strings:

string package_arch_label

The package architecture label. For example: noarch

string package_epoch

The package epoch value, if specified. The epoch value can help RPM determine package version ordering if the versioning does not make sense or does not follow sequentially. For example: 1

string package_id

The package ID within the ULN infrastructure. For example: 11776733

string package_name

The name of the package. For example: selinux-policy-mls

string package_release

The package release information. For example: 192.0.6.el7_5.6

string package_version

The package version number. For example: 3.13.1