2.1 Becoming a CSI Administrator

You can become an administrator of a CSI in one of the following ways:

  • When you register with ULN, if no administrator is currently assigned to manage the CSI, you are prompted to click Confirm to become the CSI administrator. If you click Cancel, you cannot access the CSI administration feature.

  • When logged into ULN, if you access the System tab and no administrator is currently assigned to manage one of the CSIs for which you are registered, you are prompted to choose whether to become the CSI administrator.

    To become a CSI administrator:

    1. Click the red link labeled enter the CSI you would like to be the administrator for in this page.

    2. On the Add CSI page, verify the CSI and click Confirm.


    On the Systems page, the CSIs of all systems that have no assigned administrator are also shown in red.

  • If you are already an administrator of a CSI, you can add yourself as administrator of another CSI provided that you have registered either a server or your ULN user name with the other CSI.

    To assign yourself as administrator of an additional CSI:

    1. Log in to ULN and select the CSI Administration tab.

    2. On the Managed CSIs page, click Add CSI.

    3. On the Assign Administrator page, enter the CSI, and click Add.

    4. If there are existing administrators, the page lists these administrators and prompts you to click Confirm to confirm your request. Each administrator is sent an email to inform them that you have added yourself as an administrator of the CSI.

  • An administrator for a CSI can add you as an administrator for the same CSI.

    To assign another administrator to a CSI:

    1. Log in to ULN as administrator of the CSI, and select the CSI Administration tab.

    2. On the Managed CSIs page, click List Administrators.

    3. On the CSI Administrators page, click Assign Administrator.

    4. On the Assign Administrator page in the Select New Administrator list, click the + icon that is next to the user name of the user that you want to add as an administrator. Their user name is added to the Administrator box.

    5. If you administer more than one CSI, select the CSI that the user will administer from the CSI drop down list.

    6. Click Assign Administrator.


If you want to become the administrator of a CSI, but the person to whom it is registered is no longer with your organization, contact an Oracle support representative to request that you be made the administrator for the CSI.