Appendix A The Unbreakable Linux Network API

This appendix describes the XML-RPC methods that the API provides for access to the Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).

This API is based on XML-RPC, which enables applications to perform remote operations by encoding the procedure calls in XML and transmitting them over HTTP. For more information about XML-RPC, see

The API is accessed at the server entry point URL at

The following method namespaces are available:


Contains methods for authenticating with ULN. See Section A.1, “Authentication Methods”.


Contains methods for listing software channels on ULN. See Section A.2, “Channel Methods”.

Contains methods for querying packages available within different channels on ULN. See Section A.3, “Channel Software Methods”.


Contains methods for interacting with errata on ULN. See Section A.4, “Errata Methods”.


Contains methods for querying package information for specified packages on ULN. See Section A.5, “Packages Methods”.


Contains methods for managing systems registered with ULN. See Section A.6, “System Methods”.