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Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13
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1.  Introduction to Administering Oracle Solaris Cluster

2.  Oracle Solaris Cluster and RBAC

3.  Shutting Down and Booting a Cluster

4.  Data Replication Approaches

5.  Administering Global Devices, Disk-Path Monitoring, and Cluster File Systems

6.  Administering Quorum

7.  Administering Cluster Interconnects and Public Networks

8.  Adding and Removing a Node

Adding a Node to a Cluster

How to Add a Node to an Existing Cluster

Creating a Non-Voting Node (Zone) in a Global Cluster

How to Create a Non-Voting Node in a Global Cluster

Removing a Node From a Cluster

How to Remove a Node From a Zone Cluster

How to Remove a Node From the Cluster Software Configuration

How to Remove a Non-Voting Node (Zone) From a Global Cluster

How to Remove Connectivity Between an Array and a Single Node, in a Cluster With Greater Than Two-Node Connectivity

How to Correct Error Messages

9.  Administering the Cluster

10.  Configuring Control of CPU Usage

11.  Patching Oracle Solaris Cluster Software and Firmware

12.  Backing Up and Restoring a Cluster

13.  Administering Oracle Solaris Cluster With the Graphical User Interfaces

A.  Example


Chapter 8

Adding and Removing a Node

This chapter provides instructions on how to add a node to a cluster and how to remove a node:

For information about cluster maintenance tasks, see Chapter 9, Administering the Cluster.