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What's New in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2018

Key Features in Oracle Solaris 11.4

Oracle Solaris is a secure, fast platform engineered for large-scale enterprise deployments. Oracle Solaris provides simple update, compliance monitoring, performance monitoring, and zero overhead virtualization for isolating mission-critical workloads.

    Proven and automated security and compliance:

  • Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) – Oracle Solaris KMIP cryptography clients can communicate with remote KMIP servers, where the keys are created and managed in secure data-at-rest systems.

  • Silicon Secured Memory (SSM) – Automatically protect your application and operating system with SSM.

  • Modernize security audits with built-in, automated compliance reporting.

  • Secure your application platform deployment with a new application sandbox management tool.


  • Fastest and most secure platform for running Oracle Database and Java.

  • Maximize Oracle Database multitenant security and isolation.


  • Seamlessly migrate traditional workloads to VMs.

  • Use cloudbase-init to initially configure guest OS deployments.

  • Use the Oracle Solaris System Web Interface Dashboard to view system data, performance, and compliance.

Bundled software updates. See Oracle Solaris 11.4 Bundled Software Updates in Freeware Available in Oracle Solaris 11.4 for more information:

  • New versions of many bundled software packages including GNOME 3.24, ISC BIND 9.10, MySQL 5.7, Open Fabric Enterprise Distribution 3.18, Oracle Instant Client 12.2, Perl 5.26, Puppet 5.5, Python 3.5, and Xorg 1.19.

  • Newly bundled software including Augeas, Cython, the cx_Oracle Python module, the Google Go compiler, LLVM/Clang, MCollective, Oracle Database Programming Interface-C (ODPI-C), and the paps print filter.