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Managing System Information, Processes, and Performance in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2021

Displaying and Managing Process Class Information

You can configure the process scheduling classes on your system and the user priority range for the timesharing class.

    The possible process scheduling classes are as follows:

  • Fair share (FSS)

  • Fixed (FX)

  • Interactive (IA)

  • Real-time (RT)

  • System (SYS)

  • Timesharing (TS)

    • The user-supplied priority ranges from -60 to +60.

    • The priority of a process is inherited from the parent process. This priority is referred to as the user-mode priority.

    • The system looks up the user-mode priority in the timesharing dispatch parameter table. Then, the system adds in any nice or priocntl (user-supplied) priority and ensures a 0-59 range to create a global priority.