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Managing Faults, Defects, and Alerts in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Clearing Alerts

Use the fmadm list-alert command to list all alerts that have not been cleared. See Displaying Information About Alerts for example output from the fmadm list-alert command.

Similar to faults, alerts can be repaired implicitly or explicitly. Because alerts do not necessarily represent problems that must be fixed, alerts are said to be cleared rather than repaired. An alert that is cleared is no longer active and no longer displayed by the fmadm list or fmadm list-alert commands.

Implicit clear

An implicit clear occurs when the alert clears with no administrative action. For example, an alert that an FRU has been removed is automatically cleared by an alert that the same FRU has been added, and an alert that an FRU has been added automatically clears after 30 seconds.

Explicit clear

Use the fmadm clear command to notify the Fault Manager that the specified alert event should be cleared.

fmadm clear Command

The fmadm clear command requires one of the following arguments:

fmadm clear UUID | location | class@resource

For the following examples, refer to the output from the fmadm list-alert command in Displaying Information About Alerts.

In the following example, UUID is the value of the EVENT-ID field at the top of the fmadm list-alert output:

# fmadm clear a7921317-8ba2-4ab1-b1c3-b0fb8822c000

In the following example, location is the value of the FRU Location field in the fmadm list-alert output. This location is also referred to as the label.

# fmadm clear  "/SUN-Storage-J4410.1051QCQ08A/HDD13"
fmadm: cleared alert /SUN-Storage-J4410.1051QCQ08A/HDD13 

In the following example, class is the value of the Problem class field of the suspect, and resource is the value of the resource FMRI, which can be found using the fmdump -vu UUID command as shown in Example 3, fmdump Fault Reports. Note that the command line in this example is artificially divided to improve readability.

# fmadm clear alert.oracle.solaris.fmd.fru-monitor.fru-remove@