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Introduction to Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: August 2019

About Zone Conversion

    Zone conversion is the transformation of systems to and from zones, and includes the following processes:

  • Transforming global zones into non-global zones, also known as physical to virtual (P2V) conversion

  • Transforming non-global zones into global zones

  • Transforming non-global zones into non-global zones on a new system

  • Transforming Oracle Solaris 10 native zones to solaris10 branded zones on an upgraded host by using an archive

On Oracle Solaris 11.4, zone transformation makes use of unified archives, which enable you to archive systems or zones and deploy them to other systems or zones from the archives. Zone transformations can be used as part of a strategy to migrate your data processing and applications from physical machines to a virtual environment, such as moving from on-premises systems to the cloud.

For more information, see About Zone Transformations in Creating and Using Oracle Solaris Zones.