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Packaging and Delivering Software With the Image Packaging System in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Relaxing Dependency Constraints

Some constraint packages use facet.version-lock.* facets to enable the administrator to use the pkg change-facet command to relax the constraint for the specified packages. See Enabling Administrators to Relax Constraints on Installable Package Versions for more information.

The following list shows examples of facet.version-lock.* definitions in the pkg:/entire constraint package.

Caution  -  Unlocking facet versions in pkg:/entire can result in an unsupported system. Those packages should only be unlocked on advice from Oracle support.

depend fmri=consolidation/java-8/java-8-incorporation type=require
depend facet.version-lock.consolidation/java-8/java-8-incorporation=true \
       fmri=consolidation/java-8/java-8-incorporation@ type=incorporate
depend fmri=consolidation/ssm/ssm-incorporation type=require
depend facet.version-lock.consolidation/ssm/ssm-incorporation=true \
       fmri=consolidation/ssm/ssm-incorporation@ type=incorporate
depend fmri=consolidation/desktop/gnome-incorporation type=require
depend facet.version-lock.consolidation/desktop/gnome-incorporation=true \
       fmri=consolidation/desktop/gnome-incorporation@11.4- type=incorporate