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Developing System Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

WebUI Stencil Service

The WebUI service, svc:/system/webui/server:default, uses config property group properties and the /lib/svc/stencils/webui.conf.stencil file to create the /var/webui/conf/webui.conf configuration file.

$ svcprop -g configfile webui/server:default
webui_conf/group astring sys
webui_conf/mode integer 644
webui_conf/owner astring root
webui_conf/path astring /var/webui/conf/webui.conf
webui_conf/stencil astring webui.conf.stencil

The following properties are set in the conf property group:

$ svcprop -p conf webui/server:default
conf/cipher_suite astring HIGH:\!aNULL:\!eNULL:\!MD5:\!DES:\!RC4:\!3DES:\!PSK
conf/default_landing_page astring /solaris/apps/analytics
conf/listen_addresses astring 6787
conf/protocol astring all\ -SSLv2\ -SSLv3\ -TLSv1\ -TLSv1.1
conf/redirect_from_https boolean false
conf/redirect_root_url boolean true
conf/server_name astring

You can search the /lib/svc/stencils/webui.conf.stencil stencil file to see how the conf properties are used.

The stencil file and resultant configuration file contain many lines that do not use any properties from any service. The configuration file is an Apache configuration file with many directives such as LoadModule and RewriteCond.