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Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Network File Sharing Cheatsheet

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Updated: August 2018

Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Network File Sharing Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet provides the basic command syntax to use for some common network file sharing tasks in the Oracle Solaris 11.4 release. For more information, see the nfsref(8), nfsstat(8), smb(5), smbadm(8), share(8), and mount(8) man pages.

Commonly Used NFS and SMB File Sharing Commands

Table 1  Administering Network File Systems
Share a ZFS file system
# zfs set share.nfs=on | off filesystem
Define file systems to use NFS server logging
# share -F nfs -o,log=global filesystem
List the shared NFS file systems
# share -F nfs
Mount a file system
# mount -F nfs -o specific-options resource mount-point
Mount an NFS File System by Using an NFS URL
# mount -F nfs nfs://host[:port]/pathname mount-point
Display information about file systems available for mounting
# /usr/sbin/showmount -e hostname
Select different versions of NFS on a server
# sharectl set -p server_versmax=version_num nfs
# sharectl set -p server_versmin=version_num nfs
Disable server delegation
# sharectl set -p server_delegation=off nfs
Set a common domain for NFS clients and servers
# sharectl set -p nfsmapid_domain=domain_name nfs
Create an NFS referral
# nfsref add ref_filesystem server_name1:filesystem server_name2:filesystem
Remove an NFS referral
# nfsref remove ref_filesystem
Disable autofs browsability on a single NFS client
# sharectl set -p nobrowse=TRUE autofs
Table 2  Troubleshooting Network File Systems
Remove all file, record, and share locks for an NFS client
# clear_locks -s hostname
Display file system operations statistics by file system type and by mount point.
# fsstat nfsversnum nfsversnum filesystem
Display NFS server statistics
# nfsstat -s
Display the current NFS information
# nfsstat -m
Display stack trace for NFS process
# /usr/bin/pstack nfs_process_id
Display RPC service information for a host
# rpcinfo -s hostname
Table 3  Managing SMB File Sharing
Enable SMB sharing for ZFS file system on the dataset
# zfs set share.smb=on pool/dataset
Create an SMB share having no default property value
# zfs share -o share.smb=on pool/dataset%share-name
Find share to mount from the server
# smbadm show-shares server
Mount share on a directory
# mount -F smbfs //server/share mount-point
Remove an SMB Share
# zfs destroy pool/dataset%share-name
List all SMB mounts
# mount -v | grep 'type smbfs'
View all the SMB environment property values
# sharectl get smb
Create an SMB group
# smbadm create-group group-name
Add a member to an SMB group
# smbadm add-member -m member-name group-name
Remove member from an SMB group
# smbadm remove-member -m member-name group-name
Modify an SMB group property
# smbadm set-group -p property=value group-name
Store SMB persistent passwords
# smbadm add-key -u username
Remove SMB persistent passwords
# smbadm remove-key -u username