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Oracle® Healthcare Operating Room Analytics User and Administrator Guide
Release 1.0.1

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Checking My Oracle Support (MetaLink)

Your source for the latest information about Oracle Healthcare Operating Room Analytics is Oracle Support's self-service Website My Oracle Support and its predecessor, Classic MetaLink, available at the same URL at the time of publication of this document. Visit the site before you begin installing or upgrading this release. The site includes the latest information, including:

This preface contains the following topics:

Creating an Account

You must register at My Oracle Support to obtain a user name and password account before you can enter the Web site.

To register for My Oracle Support:

  1. Open a Web browser to

  2. Click the Register here link to create a My Oracle Support account. The registration page opens.

  3. Follow the instructions on the registration page.

Navigating to the Oracle Healthcare Operating Room Analytics Knowledge Page

Follow these instructions to open the My Oracle Support's Oracle Healthcare Operating Room Analytics product page:

  1. Open a Web browser to

  2. Select My Oracle Support (requires Flash) and log in.

    The My Oracle Support portal opens, displaying general news from several categories.

  3. Click the Knowledge tab.


    Check the top of the page. If PowerView is on and a product other than Oracle Healthcare Operating Room Analytics is displayed, turn PowerView off.