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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC,, 3.1.1, and 3.1 Release Notes
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Chapter 1 Oracle VM Server for SPARC,, 3.1.1, and 3.1 Release Notes

Oracle VM Server for SPARC Maintenance Update

Oracle VM Server for SPARC Maintenance Update

What's New in This Release

What's New in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Maintenance Update

What's New in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1 Release

What's New in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 Release

System Requirements

Supported Platforms

Required Software and Patches

Required Oracle Solaris OS Versions

Required Oracle Solaris OS Versions for the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Maintenance Update

Required Oracle Solaris OS Versions for Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1

Required Oracle Solaris OS Versions for Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1

Required Software to Enable the Latest Oracle VM Server for SPARC Features

Required System Firmware Patches

Minimum Version of Software Required

Direct I/O Hardware and Software Requirements

PCIe SR-IOV Hardware and Software Requirements

Non-primary Root Domain Hardware and Software Requirements

Recovery Mode Hardware and Software Requirements

Location of the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software

Location of Patches

Location of Documentation

Related Software

Software That Can Be Used With the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software

System Controller Software That Interacts With Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Optional Software

Upgrading to the Current Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software

Upgrading to the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software

Upgrading to the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1 Software

Upgrading to the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 Software

Deprecated Oracle VM Server for SPARC Features

Known Issues

General Issues

Cannot Unbind Domains When They Provide Services to Each Other

Guest Domain Cannot Run the Oracle Solaris 10 OS When More Than 1024 CPUs Are Assigned

Avoid Creating a Configuration Where Two Domains Provide Services to Each Other

Upgrading From Oracle Solaris 10 OS Older Than Oracle Solaris 10 5/08 OS

Service Processor and System Controller Are Interchangeable Terms

In Certain Conditions, a Guest Domain's Solaris Volume Manager Configuration or Metadevices Can Be Lost

How to Find a Guest Domain's Solaris Volume Manager Configuration or Metadevices

Memory Size Requirements

Booting a Large Number of Domains

Cleanly Shutting Down and Power Cycling an Oracle VM Server for SPARC System

How to Power Off a System With Multiple Active Domains

How to Power Cycle the System

Memory Size Requested Might Be Different From Memory Allocated

Logical Domains Variable Persistence

Oracle's Sun SNMP Management Agent Does Not Support Multiple Domains

Delayed Reconfiguration

Cryptographic Units

ldmp2v convert Command: VxVM Warning Messages During Boot

Oracle Hard Partitioning Requirements for Software Licenses

Upgrade Option Not Presented When Using ldmp2v prepare -R

Sometimes a Block of Dynamically Added Memory Can be Dynamically Removed Only as a Whole

ldmp2v Command: ufsdump Archiving Method Is No Longer Used

Only One CPU Configuration Operation Is Permitted to Be Performed During a Delayed Reconfiguration

Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 ldmd Daemon Does Not Start If Multiple Virtual Switches Are Assigned to a Single Network Adapter

Oracle Solaris Boot Disk Compatibility

Domain Migration Restrictions

Version Restrictions for Migration

CPU Restrictions for Migration

Version Restrictions for Cross-CPU Migration

Domains That Have Only One Virtual CPU Assigned Might Panic During a Live Migration

Oracle VM Server for SPARC MIB Issues

snmptable Command Does Not Work With the Version 2 or Version 3 Option

SR-IOV Issues

Bad Trap Panic Occurs Rarely When Rebooting an Oracle Solaris 10 Root Domain That Has SR-IOV Virtual Functions Assigned to Guest Domains

prtdiag Might Cause an Oracle Solaris 10 Root Domain to Panic After Destroying SR-IOV Virtual Functions

Control Domain Hangs When Stopping or Starting I/O Domains

Warnings Appear on Console When Creating Fibre Channel Virtual Functions

Fibre Channel Physical Function Configuration Changes Require Several Minutes to Complete

Fujitsu M10 System Has Different SR-IOV Feature Limitations

InfiniBand SR-IOV Issues

Misleading Messages Shown For InfiniBand SR-IOV Operations

Bugs Affecting the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software

Bugs Affecting the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software

System Crashes When Applying the Whole-Core Constraint to a Partial Core primary Domain

format Command Hangs After Having Migrated a Guest Domain or a Guest Domain Console Does Not Take Input

Kernel Zones Block Live Migration of Guest Domains

Bugs Affecting the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software

Live Migration Might Fail With Unable to restore ldc resource state on target Domain Migration of LDom failed

Recovery Mode Fails With ldmd in Maintenance Mode When Virtual Switch net-dev Is Missing

Migration to a SPARC M5 or SPARC T5 System Might Panic With suspend: get stick freq failed

Logical Domains Manager Does Not Prohibit the Creation of Circular Dependencies

Bugs Affecting the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1 Software

Very Large LDC Counts Might Result in Oracle Solaris Issues in Guest Domains

Fibre Channel Physical Function Is Faulted by FMA And Disabled

Virtual Network LDC Handshake Issues Seen When There Are a Large Number of Virtual Network Devices Present

Sun Storage 16 Gb Fibre Channel Universal HBA Firmware Does Not Support Bandwidth Controls

Adding Memory After Performing a Cross-CPU Migration Might Cause a Guest Domain Panic

Incorrect Device Path for Fibre Channel Virtual Functions in a Root Domain

ldmd Dumps Core When Attempting to Bind a Domain in Either the Binding or Unbinding State

Bugs Affecting the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 Software

Issues Might Arise When FMA Detects Faulty Memory

ldmd Service Fails to Start Because of a Delay in Creating virtual-channel@0:hvctl

Poor Affinity on the Control Domain When You Assign Memory Before You Assign CPUs in a Delayed Reconfiguration

Cannot Install the Oracle Solaris 11.1 OS Using an EFI GPT Disk Label on Single-Slice Virtual Disk

After Being Migrated, A Domain Can Panic on Boot After Being Started or Rebooted

Size of Preallocated Machine Description Buffer Is Used During Migration

Attempting to Resize a Guest Domain's Virtual CPUs After a Successful Core Remap Operation Might Fail

Oracle Solaris 10: Non-primary Root Domain Hangs at Boot on a primary Reboot When failure-policy=reset

Virtual Network Hang Prevents a Domain Migration

ldmpower Output Sometimes Does Not Include Timestamps

mac_do_softlso Drops LSO Packets

Migration Failure: Invalid Shutdown-group: 0

Autosave Configuration Is Not Updated After the Removal of a Virtual Function or a PCIe Device

ldmp2v convert Command Failure Causes Upgrade Loop

Domain Migrations From SPARC T4 Systems That Run System Firmware 8.3 to SPARC T5, SPARC M5, or SPARC M6 Systems Are Erroneously Permitted

Guest Domain Panics at lgrp_lineage_add(mutex_enter: bad mutex, lp=10351178)

Guest Domains in Transition State After Reboot of the primary Domain

Panic Occurs in Rare Circumstances When the Virtual Network Device Driver Operates in TxDring Mode

A Domain That Has Only One Virtual CPU Assigned Might Panic During a Live Migration

ldm migrate -n Should Fail When Cross-CPU Migration From SPARC T5, SPARC M5, or SPARC M6 System to UltraSPARC T2 or SPARC T3 System

Recovery Mode Should Support PCIe Slot Removal in Non-primary Root Domains

ldm list Does Not Show the evacuated Property for Physical I/O Devices

Invalid Physical Address Is Received During a Domain Migration

send_mondo_set: timeout Panic Occurs When Using the ldm stop Command on a Guest Domain After Stress

Subdevices Under a PCIe Device Revert to an Unassigned Name

WARNING: ddi_intr_alloc: cannot fit into interrupt pool Means That Interrupt Supply Is Exhausted While Attaching I/O Device Drivers

SPARC M5-32 and SPARC M6-32: panic: mpo_cpu_add: Cannot read MD

SPARC M5-32 and SPARC M6-32: Issue With Disks That Are Accessible Through Multiple Direct I/O Paths

ixgbevf Device in SR-IOV Domains Might Become Disabled When Rebooting the primary Domain

Reboot of the Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 primary Domain Might Not Automatically Plumb or Assign an IP Address to a Virtual Function Interface

Oracle Solaris 10 Only: mutex_enter: bad mutex Panic in primary Domain During a Reboot or Shutdown

SPARC M5-32 and SPARC M6-32: LSI-SAS Controller Is Incorrectly Exported With SR-IOV

SPARC T5-8: Uptime Data Shows a Value of 0 for Some ldm List Commands

Cannot Set a Jumbo MTU for sxge Virtual Functions in the primary Domain of a SPARC T5-1B System

ldmd Is Unable to Set the mac-addr and alt-mac-addrs Property Values for the sxge Device

ldm list-io -d Output for an sxge Device on SPARC T5-1B System Is Missing Two Properties

ldm Fails to Evacuate a Faulty Core From a Guest Domain

Memory DR Operations Hang When Reducing Memory Below Four Gbytes

CPU DR of Very Large Number of Virtual CPUs Can Appear to Fail

Migration of a Guest Domain With HIO Virtual Networks and cpu-arch=generic Times Out While Waiting for the Domain to Suspend

SPARC T4-4: Unable to Bind a Guest Domain

Guest Domain Panics While Changing the threading Property Value From max-throughput to max-ipc

Control Domain Hangs on Reboot With Two Active Direct I/O Domains

No Error Message When a Memory DR Add is Partially Successful

Primary or Guest Domain Panics When Unbinding or Migrating a Guest Domain That Has Hybrid I/O Network Devices

Re-creating a Domain That Has PCIe Virtual Functions From an XML File Fails

Incorrect Error Message Issued When Changing the Control Domain From Using Whole Cores to Using Partial Cores

ldm init-system Command Might Not Correctly Restore a Domain Configuration on Which Physical I/O Changes Have Been Made

Logical Domains Manager Might Crash and Restart When You Attempt to Modify Many Domains Simultaneously

ldm list -o Command No Longer Accepts Format Abbreviations

Control Domain Requires the Lowest Core in the System

After Canceling a Migration, ldm Commands That Are Run on the Target System Are Unresponsive

Some Emulex Cards Do Not Work When Assigned to I/O Domain

Guest Domain Panics When Running the cputrack Command During a Migration to a SPARC T4 System

Oracle Solaris 11: DRM Stealing Reports Oracle Solaris DR Failure and Retries

Limit the Maximum Number of Virtual Functions That Can Be Assigned to a Domain

Guest Domain That Uses Cross-CPU Migration Reports Random Uptimes After the Migration Completes

Oracle Solaris 10: ixgbe Driver Might Cause a Panic When Booted With an Intel Dual Port Ethernet Controller X540 Card

Guest Domain Console Randomly Hangs on SPARC T4 Systems

Destroying All Virtual Functions and Returning the Slots to the Root Domain Does Not Restore the Root Complex Resources

ldm remove-io of PCIe Cards That Have PCIe-to-PCI Bridges Should Be Disallowed

ldm stop Command Might Fail If Issued Immediately After an ldm start Command

init-system Does Not Restore Named Core Constraints for Guest Domains From Saved XML Files

System Panics When Rebooting a primary Domain That Has a Very Large Number of Virtual Functions Assigned

Partial Core primary Fails to Permit Whole-Core DR Transitions

ldm list-io Command Shows the UNK or INV State After Boot

Migrating a Very Large Memory Domain on SPARC T4-4 Systems Results in a Panicked Domain on the Target System

Removing a Large Number of CPUs From a Guest Domain Fails

Cannot Use Oracle Solaris Hot-Plug Operations to Hot-Remove a PCIe Endpoint Device

nxge Panics When Migrating a Guest Domain That Has Hybrid I/O and Virtual I/O Virtual Network Devices

All ldm Commands Hang When Migrations Have Missing Shared NFS Resources

Logical Domains Agent Service Does Not Come Online If the System Log Service Does Not Come Online

Kernel Deadlock Causes Machine to Hang During a Migration

DRM and ldm list Output Shows a Different Number of Virtual CPUs Than Are Actually in the Guest Domain

Live Migration of a Domain That Depends on an Inactive Master Domain on the Target Machine Causes ldmd to Fault With a Segmentation Fault

DRM Fails to Restore the Default Number of Virtual CPUs for a Migrated Domain When the Policy Is Removed or Expired

Virtual CPU Timeout Failures During DR

Migration Failure Reason Not Reported When the System MAC Address Clashes With Another MAC Address

Simultaneous Migration Operations in “Opposite Direction” Might Cause ldm to Hang

Removing a Large Number of CPUs From the Control Domain Fails

System Running the Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 OS That Has the Elastic Policy Set Might Hang

pkgadd Fails to Set ACL Entries on /var/svc/manifest/platform/sun4v/ldmd.xml

SPARC T3-1: Issue With Disks That Are Accessible Through Multiple Direct I/O Paths

Memory DR Removal Operations With Multiple Plumbed NIU nxge Instances Can Hang Indefinitely and Never Complete

Using the ldm stop -a Command on Domains in a Master-Slave Relationship Leaves the Slave With the stopping Flag Set

Migration of a Domain That Has an Enabled Default DRM Policy Results in a Target Domain Being Assigned All Available CPUs

An In-Use MAC Address Can be Reassigned

ldmconfig Cannot Create a Domain Configuration on the SP

Uncooperative Oracle Solaris Domain Migration Can Be Blocked If cpu0 Is Offline

Memory DR Is Disabled Following a Canceled Migration

Dynamic Reconfiguration of MTU Values of Virtual Network Devices Sometimes Fails

Migrated Domain With MAUs Contains Only One CPU When Target OS Does Not Support DR of Cryptographic Units

Confusing Migration Failure Message for Real Address Memory Bind Failures

Dynamically Removing All the Cryptographic Units From a Domain Causes SSH to Terminate

PCI Express Dual 10-Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Card Shows Four Subdevices in ldm list-io -l Output

Using Logical Domains mpgroup With MPXIO Storage Array Configuration for High-Disk Availability

ldm Commands Are Slow to Respond When Several Domains Are Booting

Oracle Solaris 11: Zones Configured With an Automatic Network Interface Might Fail to Start

Oracle Solaris 10: Virtual Network Devices Are Not Created Properly on the Control Domain

Newly Added NIU/XAUI Adapters Are Not Visible to the Host OS If Logical Domains Is Configured

I/O Domain or Guest Domain Panics When Booting From e1000g

Explicit Console Group and Port Bindings Are Not Migrated

Migration Does Not Fail If a vdsdev on the Target Has a Different Back End

Migration Can Fail to Bind Memory Even If the Target Has Enough Available

Logical Domains Manager Does Not Start If the Machine Is Not Networked and an NIS Client Is Running

Logical Domains Manager Displays Migrated Domains in Transition States When They Are Already Booted

Cannot Connect to Migrated Domain's Console Unless vntsd Is Restarted

Sometimes, Executing the uadmin 1 0 Command From a Logical Domains System Does Not Return the System to the OK Prompt

Logical Domains Manager Can Take Over 15 Minutes to Shut Down a Domain

scadm Command Can Hang Following an SC or SP Reset

Simultaneous Net Installation of Multiple Domains Fails When in a Common Console Group

Guest Domain With Too Many Virtual Networks on the Same Network Using DHCP Can Become Unresponsive

OpenBoot PROM Variables Cannot be Modified by the eeprom Command When the Logical Domains Manager Is Running

Cannot Set Security Keys With Logical Domains Running

Behavior of the ldm stop-domain Command Can Be Confusing

Documentation Issues

ldm1M Man Page: Describe the Limitation for Using the mblock Property

ldm1M Man Page: Improve description of the ldm list -o status Command

ldm1M Man Page: Only ldm add-spconfig -r Performs a Manual Recovery

Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 Administration Guide Fibre Channel SR-IOV OS Requirements Are Incorrect

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Release

Resolved Issues in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Release

Resolved Issues in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1 Release

Resolved Issues in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Release

Resolved Issues in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 Release

Resolved Issues in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 Release

The following enhancement requests and bugs have been fixed for the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 software release:


cancel-reconf does not remove DRM policy plus other values


Japanese man pages need to be added to the 2.2 IPS manifests


LDoms man pages all refer to “SunOS 5.10” (even on S11)


Package system/ldoms/ldomsmanager delivers broken symlink


Stop CMU fails when control domain suspend times out prematurely


ldmd abort when restoring previously evacuated root complexes


ldmpower shows 'MIB communication error' on unsupported platforms


Restore ldmpower to SVR4 and IPS packaging


Add Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 man pages


Crash in core_remove() if vcpu unconfigure fails


Core remap is not attempted during DR evacuation in some cases


Logical Domains Manager core dump during migration when PM policy is switched from perf to elastic


Logical Domains Manager should set next poweron config after recovery


Need to cleanup unused vars in pm_ops


virt_ops should be statically set to ldm_ops


ldmd dumped core on a set-mem command


IOV: Inactive guest allows add-io of root complex + virtual function from diff bus + bind and start


Guest domain fails to bootup when the memory is highly fragmented


Truncated hostid printed by ldm list commands


DIO device is gone after reboot


HV dump collection fails due to use of 32-bit statvfs


Need to clean up Fujitsu M10 system descriptions in Japanese and English man pages


Oracle VM Server for SPARC must clear HV dump memory after dump collection


Memory should be in pre-charged powerdown mode when elastic mode is set


cancel-reconf triggers Assertion failed: pcpup->res_id != 0


cancel-reconf triggers fatal error: HV MD hv_mblock ... has invalid resource_id


Hypervisor dump does not save HV memory base addresses


ldmd crashes when destroying and rebuilding domain


Migration hv code should go through the backend ops structure


XML parser errors are logged in ldmd SVC log during migration


Migration failure message should be improved for real address memory


Assertion failure in cleanup_suspend_failure()


PM code cleanup: better variable names, code organization


RFE: inactive domains should display the system MAC address

15720542 causes wsdiff to report a false positive


ldmd fails to reconnect DS port after cancelling Live Migration


SRIOV: Error message can be improved to indicate reason for failure


Cold migration ignores ra_seg_alloc() assumption it is on the seq


RFE: Alternate mac-address allocation support for vnet devices


ldm create silently accepts any unsupported command-line options


Unnecessary context bits restriction


mdstore DS timeout handling should be improved


Remove all references to PM_MANAGED, as this state no longer exists


Checks preventing elastic policy are not needed


Remove benchmark from LDoms papsat library


DR_VIO_MAX_ERR_SIZE should be increased


In ldmd XML response primary domain's vcons property is inconsistent


HVctl_op_guest_stop fails if domain reboots in a tight loop


RFE: Cross-CPU migration support for SPARC M5/SPARC T5 based platforms


PM policy constraints should be platform specific


Various minor memory leaks occur during migration


Enhance msg on x-cpu migration error from 8.4 firmware to 8.3 or before


lint of IPS pkgs fails after clobber because .mog files don't exist


The PM policy applied to LDoms managed resources should be at the guest granularity when possible

15810998 fails stating: Not all processor PM states were lowered


Evacuated I/O devices need to be shown via the CLI


RFE: Enable ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) on LDoms code


Warning: MAC address for virtual function not found in virtual function mac list


Fujitsu M10 system Core needs to support Board DR


Resume timeout for a suspended guest might need to be increased


Logical Domains Manager crash from rolling back a memory remap that HV completed


Duplicate resources should be filtered out of board DR requests


Need a correct messages when LDoms assigns the USB storage devices


All incoming resources should be added to a single domain PDom


HV dump information must be updated during Board DR


Abort seen when guest domain suspend fails during CMU DR operation


Observability mod comments needs cleaning up


ldmd abort during CMU remove when the host has bound domains


ldm ls-io output is out of order after CMU rm then add


RFE: ldm rm-io should accept --dry-run as an alias for -n


NULL pointer reference in var_config_backup_forward()


Setting vid argument for a virtual function can crash Logical Domains Manager for physical function device


Recovery Mode should recreate Direct I/O and SR-IOV configs


Incorrect description of papsat residency output in log file


DR sequencer goes into an infinite loop when vrc removal fails


Recovery mode should be fully automatic and not require a powercycle


Leaks in PM code


DIOV failures during board DR need more helpful messages


Panic in dev_mondo queue configuration after cross CPU migration


Board DR: Support blacklist without evacuation


LDOMS_3.0 SPARC T4-4: unable to bind guest domain


Adding virtual function to guest failed


CMU remove assert: !((ldp)->mem_dr_state.flag.add == true)


ldmd core dumped cancel-reconf


Fix for 7169681 precludes unmodified factory-default config: breaks ldmconfig


PM policy var update causes [newer] autosave for booted config


Logical Domains Manager did not remove the req mem when mem is available to be removed


PM should base PM state update decisions on req_state field


Error message for system controller out of memory need correction


PM needs to always send the calculated new state for a resource to HV


ldmd aborts if all memory in a domain is degraded


CoD free CPU resource calculation is incorrect when a strand is degraded


CoD framework skips affinity routine if there are no extra free permits


Uncooperative migrations with Fujitsu M10 system should not be allowed


LDoms spconfig reports current booted config as Degraded when its not degraded


ldm ls -l displays empty HOSTID section for inactive guests


ldmd in maintenance mode at boot due to “Failed to send command to HV”


ldmd dumps core with a SEGV in PM Observability


Cancel delayed reconfig causes ldmd crash with HV MD hv_mblock invalid message


XML list-bindings returns stale CPU utilization


Restarting Logical Domains Manager can cause loss of IOV capability in RC constraints


CHAIN_ITER needs replacing with CHAIN_ITER_VOL in pm_policy_via_ds.c


Permanent memory evacuation causes ldmd abort when trying to get response text


The guest domain state was left “stopping” after the domain was rebooted


Timestamps (-t) are not getting displayed with component (-c) option


Blacklist evacuation does not handle invalid CPU resource IDs


Merge Fujitsu PM code into base Oracle PM code


epm_create_node is too unwieldy to debug with via mdb


All ldm ls variant CLIs do not display alt-mac-addrs in the -p output


Warning: Memory allocation of 64G is below the minimum


LDoms Derived PM Policy wrongly set to ELASTIC (elastic + perf = perf)


Alt-mac-addrs are always explicitly represented in XML files with values


iov_vrc_remove() uses bio variable after it is freed


Modify LDoms-PM code to handle new compact PRI format


DR of a board with multiple domains fails with ETIME in hv_susrec_async_check


With multiple vnets using alt-mac-addrs, XML recreation always returns failure


ldm bind failed due to ASSERT(zeus.reload_active_state); hit in frag_free()


Physical function/virtual function status:INV, after non-primary root domain was booted up


Hide InfiniBand physical function if the system FW does not support DIOV (ver < 8.4.0)


Removing PCIe endpoint device hosting virtual function assigned to guest causes ldmd coredump


ldmpower's message could be clear when the user does not have authority


Assertion failed: state->progress <= 100, file dr_mem.c, line 341


Blacklisted resources reported evacuation pending, subsequent to reboot


Guest domain with S10 OS not in lowest cycle skip state when idle


set-vcc requires port-range=2000-2015 to bind range port-range=2000-2014


Logical Domains Manager hits ASSERT on stop /SYS/CMU3 on SPARC T5


Failed to evac and blacklist faulty memory row from guest domain


“Unable to parse bootconfig HV MD” seen on add-spconfig -r config boot


om_new_dom_list should be protected by a mutex


ldm add-io to an ldom at OBP should display a valid error message


Parfait 1.1 finds some memory leaks and a NULL ptr dereference


Misc lint cleanup and eradicate E_SUSPICIOUS_COMPARISON & E_FUNC_ARG_UNUSED


LDoms error message is inappropriate while performing SRIOV


LDoms PM is querying the SP via SNMP too aggressively


Guest domain was bound without a console


Shared processors in S10 domains choose same power level for all cores


Board DR does not implement full progress heartbeat protocol


Getting resource PM state should support single state resources


LDoms-PM Obs Mod is not closing sockets; ldmd runs out of file descriptors


ldmd core iov_gen_pfvf_drv_props() when ldm set-io unicast-slots=<above_allowed>


ldm init-system -r -I file doesn't properly rebuild split bus config


MAC string parsing needs to be consolidated,optimized and free of strcpy() calls


Core evacuation completed, core status does not get blacklisted


Logical Domains Manager crashes on list-io -l command when target is InfiniBand physical function device


ldm ls-io is out of order after DCU add


Live migration on SPARC T5-2 drops pm-rm messages sent from domain being migrated


LDoms should only apply new power cap adjustments


System seems to be sending a sigabrt explicitly, from hv calls


LDoms-PM Obs Mod needs to close sockets in the error paths


Obs Mod power polling code should support a new packed data format OID


PM does not handle padding of lesser state resources correctly


Warning: (7) Getting CPU chip state from the HV


Assertion failed: rio == 0 || rio->evacuated, file ldomcli/io_cmds.c:ldm_add_bus


PM should report degraded resources differently than inaccessible resources


dr_cpu_unconfigure leaks buf from libds_chan_create_rsp, client_loop leaks conn


Status for empty EMS slot should be “EMP”


pm_stop() free invalid or corrupted buffer


Logical Domains Manager returns success for certain types of destroy-vf failures on InfiniBand device


Domain service response timeouts and extreme slowness in LDoms operations on SPARC M4


ldm add-io operation fails with error messages but returns exit status 0


Assert failed during DR: ((ppchain).startp) != 0 in remap_pa_ppriority()


Memory leak in : pmtest_find_cookies


ldm set-domain extended-mapin-space= <domain> doesn't free the LDC memory frag


Warm-Migration should fail if vdsdev in use by another ldom


ldm should reject fuzzed XML input


Extra tlb nodes left in GMDs bloat ldom config sizes for large systems


papsat calculation of % time in each coherency link state is broken


PM code cleanup 2: Splitting source files and organizing header files


Additional latency for bound ttfc in elastic mode should be more accurate


LDoms IPS pkg build broken if “solaris” isn't first publisher on build machine


Improve performance of binding and other LDoms operations


Blacklisted strands can be added back to a domain


ldmd aborted in ldm add-mem


add-vnet/set-vnet should check for duplicate mac address


Guest ldoms are created without the pm_boot_policy property


default setting of extended-mapin-space need to be set to “on”


Unbound resources are not power managed in performance or elastic policies


papsat: Add a new policy change event


VIO operations can fail silently


ldmd dumps core/`strlen() on dynamic add-io operations on qlc device


Unable to set-io for virtual function through XMPP interface


PM merge breaks platform-specific shared-object modules


Migration of domains with cpu-arch=native is broken in


Parfait 1.1p2 reports memory leaks in pmi_add_pwr_state_padding()


hvctl.h missing some error definitions


Guest domains remain after switching config and powercycle


Refactor cross-CPU migration code to mig_hwcaps.c


segv on platforms that don't support power mgmt


Add support for memory-links L0s state to PM


Unsupported dr-pdom messages should return an error


Blacklist evacuation must use a simplified set of policies


The “evacuation pending” status indicator should be removed


Blacklisted memory can be added back to a domain


Recovery Mode: Degraded config recovered only 2GB of memory for guests


Recovery Mode: Degraded mode systems should emit a message for all ldm cmds


Recovery Mode: ldmd crashed while removing root complex




Service enable/disable must use service start/stop timeout


ldmd needs to handle specifying memory with Terabyte unit


Logical Domains Manager core dump at seq_sync_mem+0x94


Update XML interface for Recovery Mode


NPRD: confusing message when removing PCIE dev from bound NPRD


ldmd fails to start, dumps core in om_get_mib_pwr()


ldm ls-io 3.1 has bad virtual function state after a dubious destroy-vf op s10u11


Recovery Mode: Domains with missing virtual functions are not recovered


Recovery Mode: Control domain recovery failure leaves it in delayed reconf mode


Recovery Mode: All available memory is not used while recovering guests


ldmpower -pr needs to show system averages


Logical Domains Manager must enable dynamic SRIOV feature based on presence of a specific FW prop


range_overlap_mblock_list() walks the free list incorrectly


NPRD: ldmd dumped core on frag_hvmd_assign when creating virtual function in del-reconf mode


Physical functions are not shown in ldm ls-io after reboot primary


ldmd aborts on Fujitsu M10 system with HVctl_st_badmd


Port 16440230 to 3.1


Fatal error: Domain has more memory than HV !


PM: Timing of PAD CLAIM msg could cause coredump in elastic util event process


Infinite Loop in testpwrcap: Checking for state change


PM Util Low notification fails with multiple domain configuration


ldm list-bindings primary gives a blank output for IO: PSEUDONYM column


Core dump in Observability while traversing master domain list


Add Fujitsu M10 system Migration Group Support


Parfait 1.2 catches two file descriptor leaks


Blacklist evacuation - core remap incorrectly uses a blacklisted core as target


Blacklist evacuation - failed to blacklist the strands in a partial core


ldmd core dump at initiate_or_update_delayed_reconfig


Need to mitigate HV Group MMU Demap bug for live migration


ldmd can save a config with guest_no_reset set to true


Logical Domains Manager renumbers pcie_device nodes


ASSERT(size_so_far < req_size); failed in affinity_choose_bindings() line 1081


Add Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 man pages


Slot removal operations on bound domains fail with incorrect message


SPARC M5 guest hang during reboot after mem row evacuation


MAC address check with domains having 100's of MAC IDs cause ldom migration fail


Expand add-vdsdev force option to mpgroup


LDoms performance policy ttfc is causing bad performance on SPARC T5


Support for Fujitsu Board DR


Integrate Fujitsu Board DR Support


Promote Fujitsu Board DR development feature to product feature