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Sun Ethernet Fabric Operating System

IEEE DCBX Administration Guide

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DCB Overview

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Configuring DCB

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Default Settings

Configure DCB Features

Verifying DCB and LLDP Configurations

Determine Whether Interfaces Are Active

Determine Whether LLDP is Running and Recognizing Peers

Enable DCB

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Enable DCB for Each Interface

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Enable and Disable a Specific DCB Feature

Configure the Mode for the DCB Feature

Configure DCB ETS Attributes

Configure DCB PFC Attributes

Configure DCB APP features

Configure LLDP DCBX TLVs

Show DCBX Feature Statistics and Control Information

Display Output of Unstarted DCBX Protocol Exchange

Clear Feature Statistics

Display Output Showing a Down Link

Configure DCB Features

Perform the following task to apply the default DCB configuration, enabling all the three DCB features.

See Default Settings for detailed information about the specifications used here. See other sections in this document for additional details on each command.

  1. Start DCB globally.
    SEFOS# configure terminal
    SEFOS(config)# no shutdown dcb
  2. Set the DCB version to IEEE.

    You must set the DCB version to IEEE before starting the configuration.

    SEFOS(config)# set dcb version ieee
  3. Enable DCB features on interface 0/21 and start the interface.
    SEFOS(config)# interface extreme-ethernet 0/21
    SEFOS(config-if)# set dcb enable
    SEFOS(config-if)# set dcb priority-flow-control enable
    SEFOS(config-if)# set dcb priority-flow-control vlan-priority 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
    SEFOS(config-if)# set dcb priority-flow-control mode auto
    SEFOS(config-if)# set dcb enhanced-transmission-selection enable 
    SEFOS(config-if)# set dcb enhanced-transmission-selection 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 bandwidth 50 30 20 0 0 0 0 0 algo 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
    SEFOS(config-if)# set dcb enhanced-transmission-selection mode auto
    SEFOS(config-if)# set dcb application-etype-fcoe enable
    SEFOS(config-if)# lldp tlv-select dot1dcbxtlv enhanced-transmission-selection priority-flow-control application-etype-fcoe
    SEFOS(config-if)# no shutdown
    SEFOS(config-if)# exit
  4. Start LLDP globally.

    You must start and enable LLDP for the DCBX protocol TLV exchange.

    SEFOS(config)# no shutdown lldp
    SEFOS(config)# set lldp enable
    SEFOS# end