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Oracle® Communications Service Broker Online Mediation Controller Implementation Guide
Release 6.1

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1 Online Mediation Controller Overview

2 Installing and Configuring Online Mediation Controller

3 Configuring the Subscriber Store

4 Setting Up Orchestrated Charging Mediation

5 Using Degraded Mode

6 Offloading Subscriber Usage

7 Using the Event Notification Framework

8 Setting Up RADIUS Mediation for Accounting

9 Setting Up RADIUS Mediation for Authentication and Authorization

10 Setting Up Diameter Ro Mediation

11 Monitoring Online Mediation Controller

12 Using the Balance Manager

13 Configuring the Announcement Player Application

14 Redirecting Sessions

15 Configuring the Home Zones Application

16 Configuring the Threshold Notification Application

17 Implementing Overload Protection

A Diameter Ro to BRM Opcode Mapping