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Oracle® Communications Service Broker Signaling Server Units Configuration Guide
Release 6.1

Part Number E29457-01
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1 About Signaling Domain Configuration

This chapter provides an overview of Oracle Communications Service Broker Signaling Domain configuration.

About the Signaling Domain

A Signaling Domain is a set of servers, known as Signaling Servers, on which you install Signaling Server Units (SSUs). Service Broker uses SSUs to communicate with a network.

Service Broker provides different types of SSUs. Each type supports a certain protocol that allows Service Broker to communicate with the following networks:

Depending on your specific requirements, you can group Signaling Servers into groups and dedicate each server group to a specific type of the SSU. In this case, each group of Signaling Servers provides access to a different network. Alternatively, you can deploy different SSUs—for example, SIP SSU and Diameter SSU—on Signaling Servers of the same group.

About the Configuration Process

During the configuration process, you define how an SSU handles traffic received from a network and to which interworking modules the SSU forwards this traffic for further processing. In addition, you specify how an SSU sends traffic from interworking modules to a network.

You need to configure each SSU deployed in the domain separately.

You configure SSUs using the Administration Console, which provides a graphical user interface.

Each chapter of this guide is dedicated to a specific type of an SSU.