6.4 Prepare to Add a Server

6.4.1 Unpack the Server Upgrade Kit
6.4.2 Prepare the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 Rack

This section describes the preparation steps to perform before installing an additional compute node as part of your Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2.


When adding expansion nodes, always populate the compute rack units starting from the bottom most open slot, and work your way up. If you do not populate the rack units in the right order, the monitoring software may no longer report the correct status of the rack components.

6.4.1 Unpack the Server Upgrade Kit

Perform the following procedure to unpack the server upgrade kit.

  1. Remove the packaging from the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 Expansion Node upgrade kit.

  2. Verify that all items are included. The upgrade kit should contain the following:

    • Sun Server X3-2

    • Cable management arm assembly with installation instructions

    • Rack-mount kit containing rack rails and installation instructions

    • (Optional) Sun server documentation


    Cables are not included in the server upgrade kit. Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 comes with pre-installed and labeled cables for all rack units. These should not be unplugged or removed from the rack.

6.4.2 Prepare the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 Rack

Perform the following procedure to prepare the rack.


To reduce the risk of personal injury, stabilize the rack cabinet and extend all anti-tilt devices before performing this procedure.

  1. Remove the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 front and rear rack doors, as follows:

    1. Unlock the front and rear rack doors.

    2. Open the doors.

    3. Detach the grounding straps connected to the doors by pressing down on the tabs of the grounding strap's quick-release connectors, and pull the straps from the frame.

    4. Lift the doors up and off their hinges. See Figure 6.1.

      Figure 6.1 Removing the Rack Doors

      This figure shows the rack doors being removed from the rack.

      Table 6.2 Figure Legend




      Detaching the grounding cable


      Top rear hinge


      Bottom rear hinge


      Top front hinge


      Bottom front hinge

  2. Remove the filler panel(s) where the upgrade server will be installed.

    The filler panels have snap-in attachments. No screwdriver is required to remove them.

  3. Remove the lacer bar that holds the pre-installed cables in place at the rear side of the rack. See Figure 6.2

    1. Detach the pre-installed cables from the lacer bar on the rack unit for the new expansion node.

    2. Use a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver to remove the M6 screws from the lacer bar.

    3. Remove the lacer bar from the rack. Save lacer bar and screws for future use.

    Figure 6.2 Removing the Lacer Bar

    This figure shows the lacer bar being removed from an empty rack unit prior to the installation of an expansion compute node.