5.2 Before Initial Power On

Before you power on the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 for the first time, ensure that you have connected the F1-15 Director switches according to the network installation requirements in Section 3.1, “Network Connection and IP Address Requirements”.

In addition, you need to connect a workstation with a monitor to the Oracle ES1-24 switch, using the supplied blue Ethernet cable connected to port 24, and start a web session in order to initially administer Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 using the pre-defined IP address ( For information, see Section 5.3.5, “Connect Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 to the Network”.


Port 24 of the Oracle Switch ES1-24 has a minimum transfer rate of 1000 Mbit/s (GbE). If your workstation requires a lower speed (Fast Ethernet, 100 Mbit/s), you may use port 19 of the second Oracle Switch ES1-24, which is the one on the right hand side if you look from the rear of the rack. A Cat5 Ethernet cable is plugged in and coiled up on the side.