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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Security Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal
10g Release 3 (10.3.6)

Part Number E14251-08
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Part III


This part contains instructions for managing authentication providers and configuring delegated administration and visitor entitlement roles using the WebLogic Portal Administration Console.

For a detailed description of the staging phase of the portal life cycle, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Overview for Oracle WebLogic Portal.

Part III contains these chapters:

During staging, you test the functionality you created in the development phase. This staging environment simulates a production environment. Consider setting up a common development environment for the development phase and the staging phase. You might move iteratively between these two phases, developing and then testing what you created.As part of the staging phase, verify that delegated administration and visitor entitlement roles that you set up are working. You can also review personalization logic (see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Interaction Management Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal) and content management (see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Content Management SPI Development Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal) in this phase.When you move to a production environment in the production phase, your users and groups from the staging phase are not automatically moved there. Oracle propagation tools do not move user and group data. Roles are propagated to the destination. For more information on deploying the security components of your portal, see Chapter 9, "Deploying Security Components".