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Oracle® Endeca Information Discovery Documentation

Endeca Information Discovery Diagram

Oracle® Endeca Information Discovery is a complete solution for agile data discovery across the enterprise, empowering business user innovation in balance with IT governance and control. This enables faster and more confident decisions while at the same time simplifying the burden for IT.

Endeca Information Discovery consists of three core components:

  • Endeca Information Discovery Studio is an industry-leading application composition environment and discovery experience that allows business users to easily upload and mash up multiple diverse data sources, and then quickly configure discovery applications - all within the context of an enterprise framework that maintains existing governance and enterprise definitions.

    Studio includes world-class search, guided navigation, and filtering, as well as offering an array of powerful interactive visualizations, for rapid intuitive analysis that requires zero training.

  • Endeca Server is a hybrid search-analytical engine that organizes complex and varied data from disparate sources.

    At the core of Endeca Information Discovery, Endeca Server's unique NoSQL-like data model and in-memory architecture create an extremely agile framework for handling complex data combinations, eliminating the need for complex up-front modeling and offering extreme performance at scale. Endeca Server also supports 35 distinct languages.

  • Endeca Information Discovery Integrator is a powerful visual data integration environment that includes the Information Acquisition System (IAS) for gathering content from file systems, content management systems, and websites; and out-of-the-box ETL purpose-built for incorporating data from a wide array of sources, including Oracle BI Server.

    In addition, Oracle Endeca Web Acquisition Toolkit is a web-based graphical ETL tool, sold as an add-on module. Text Enrichment and Text Enrichment with Sentiment Analysis are also sold as add-on modules. Connectivity to data is also available through Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).