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Oracle® Endeca Information Discovery Studio Documentation

Endeca Information Discovery Studio 3.2.0 Documentation

  • Studio and Provisioning Service Release Notes HTML TXT
  • Installation and Getting Started HTML PDF
  • Endeca Information Discovery Getting Started Guide HTML PDF
  • Studio Installation Guide HTML PDF
  • Studio Migration Guide HTML PDF
  • General References HTML PDF
  • Endeca Information Discovery Glossary HTML PDF
  • Studio Security Guide HTML PDF
  • Studio Third-Party Software Usage and Licenses HTML PDF
  • User and Administration Guides HTML PDF
  • Studio Administration and Customization Guide HTML PDF
  • Studio User's Guide HTML PDF
  • Provisioning Service Administration Guide HTML PDF
  • API References HTML PDF
  • Studio API Reference HTML PDF

About Studio

Endeca Information Discovery Studio is an industry-leading application composition environment and discovery experience that allows business users to easily upload and mash up multiple diverse data sources, and then quickly configure discovery applications - all within the context of an enterprise framework that maintains existing governance and enterprise definitions.

Studio includes world-class search, guided navigation, and filtering, as well as offering an array of powerful interactive visualizations, for rapid intuitive analysis that requires zero training.


Video Feature Overviews

These short videos, available on the Oracle Endeca Information Discovery YouTube channel, provide overviews and how-tos for specific Studio features.