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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation and Upgrade Guide for Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E17949-08
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7 Uninstalling Oracle AIA

This chapter provides an overview of Oracle AIA Uninstallation and discusses various uninstallation options of Foundation Pack like how to uninstall Foundation Pack using AIA Deinstaller, how to uninstall specific instances of Foundation Pack using manual steps, how to clean the environment post installation and finally how to whether verify uninstallation is complete.

This chapter includes the following sections:

7.1 Overview of Oracle AIA Uninstallation

If you have multiple AIA instances, you must manually uninstall the specific AIA instance that you want to undeploy.

Refer to Section 7.3, "Undeploying a Specific Instance of AIA Foundation Pack Using Manual Steps."

To completely uninstall AIA (which means undeploying all AIA instances and removing AIA Home), then you must undeploy all AIA instances except for one instance and then use the De-installer.

If you have deployed the Foundation Pack Demo, undeploy it before you uninstall Foundation Pack, because it does not get undeployed automatically when you uninstall Foundation Pack.


Before launching the Deinstaller, ensure that the SOA server is running.

7.2 Uninstalling Foundation Pack using AIA Deinstaller

To uninstall Foundation Pack using AIA Deinstaller:

  1. Navigate to AIAHOME/oui/bin.

  2. Launch Deinstaller.

    Follow the launch instructions for your platform. Table 7-1 lists the commands you must use based on your platform.

    Table 7-1 Commands to launch Oracle AIA Deinstaller

    Platform To launch the Oracle AIA Foundation Pack Installer:


    Solaris SPARC

    IBM AIX Based Systems


    At the command line prompt, enter:

    ./runInstaller -invPtrLoc <SOA_HOME>/oraInst.loc -deinstall -jreloc 
    <location of the jre specific to your operating system. 
    This directory should have /bin/java>

    Microsoft Windows

    At the command line prompt, enter:

    setup.exe -deinstall

    AIA Deinstaller launches the Welcome screen.

  3. Click Next.

    AIA Deinstaller displays the installed products.

  4. Select the instance to be uninstalled by clicking once on the Instance name.


    After you select the instance, the deinstaller picks up the server details from the AIAInstallProperties.xml file and prompts the user for the admin username and password for the server in order to confirm deinstall.

  5. Click Deinstall.

  6. AIA Deinstaller displays a warning message with the following deinstallation options:

    • Deinstall and delete AIA Home directory. To deinstall and delete AIA Home directory, click Yes.


      If multiple AIA Instances that are using the same AIA Home exist, then manually undeploy other AIA instances before you delete AIA Home directory using deinstaller.

    • Deinstall without deleting AIA Home directory. To deinstall without deleting the AIA Home directory, click No.

  7. Choose one of the options.

  8. Click Finish in the Deinstallation Complete screen.


After you uninstall, follow the cleanup steps in Section 7.4, "Cleaning The Environment" to clean the environment and then attempt a fresh installation of AIA.

7.3 Undeploying a Specific Instance of AIA Foundation Pack Using Manual Steps

To uninstall Foundation Pack using manual steps:

  1. Navigate to AIA_HOME/aia_instances/<instance_name>/bin.

  2. Run the following command:

    . (for UNIX based)
    aiaenv.bat (for windows)
  3. Navigate to AIA_HOME/Infrastructure/Install/AID.

  4. Run the following command to initiate uninstallation:

    ant -f  AIAInstallDriver.xml
    -DPropertiesFile=$AIA_HOME/aia_instances/<Instance Name>/config/AIAInstallProperties.xml
    -logfile $AIA_HOME/aia_instances/<Instance Name>/logs/FPUnInstall.log
    -DDeploymentPlan=$AIA_HOME/aia_instances/<Instance Name>/config/FPUnInstallDP.xml


After you uninstall, follow the cleanup steps in Section 7.4, "Cleaning The Environment" to clean the environment and then attempt a fresh installation of AIA.

7.4 Cleaning The Environment

Clean the environment after you uninstall AIA Foundation Pack.

To clean the environment:

  1. Navigate to WebLogic console and click Deployments in the left navigation bar.

  2. Select all AIA related deployments if they exist (ideally they get removed during uninstallation) and click Delete.

  3. Repeat Step 2 for Datasources, JMS modules and JMS resources if they exist.

  4. Navigate to Security Realms and select your realm (myrealm).

  5. Click the Users and Groups tab and remove AIA users and AIA groups.

  6. Shutdown the SOA managed server and then shutdown the Admin server.

  7. Start the Admin server.

  8. Open the console, and verify whether you have any changes to activate in the Activation center. If there are any, activate them. If they do not get activated, undo all changes.

  9. Open the folder Middleware/domains/<your_domain> and remove the file edit.lok.

  10. Open the folder Middleware/domains/<your_domain>/pending, and remove all files.

  11. Restart the SOA Server.

Clean MDS following the steps given in the Section 7.4.1, "Cleaning the MDS" before attempting a fresh installation. Also ensure that you have completed all pre-installation steps before attempting the installation.

7.4.1 Cleaning the MDS

To clean the MDS:

  1. Execute SOA_HOME/common/bin/

  2. Connect to admin server by running connect()

  3. Enter the domain config by running domainConfig()

  4. Delete Metadata by running deleteMetadata('soa-infra', 'soa_server1','/apps/AIAMetaData/**')


For cluster, replace 'soa_server1' with running managed server that is a part of the cluster.

7.5 Uninstalling Security Policies

Security policies do not get uninstalled when you uninstall Foundation Pack using deinstaller. You must manually uninstall them.

To uninstall security policies:

  1. Login to Oracle Enterprise Manager.

  2. Expand WebLogic Domain and click <Your Domain Name> on the navigation tree.

  3. Click Weblogic Domain menu on the top of the right panel and navigate to Web Services, Policies.

  4. Select All from Applies To dropdown list, and click the Search button next to the Name field.

  5. Select oracle/aia_wss_saml_or_username_token_service_policy_OPT_ON and click the Delete button in the menu on the top.

  6. Repeat step 5 to remove the following policies



7.6 Verifying Uninstall Processes

To verify uninstallation:

  1. Navigate to AIA Console http://<server name>:<port number>/AIA/ and confirm that this page is not available.

  2. Log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager http://<server name>:<port number>/em /.

    Log in using the appropriate user which you have created using the pre-install steps.

  3. Navigate to Farm.

  4. Expand Farm_soa_domain, SOA, soa infra in the left panel.

  5. Navigate to Deployed Composites in the main panel.

    You should not be able to view any AIA related composites.