3.6 Configuring Network Resources for Virtual Machines

The Networking tab is used to manage networks within the Oracle VM environment running on the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance. By default, the following networks are already defined and must not be altered:

Additionally, three networks are listed with the VM Network role:

For more information about Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance network configuration, see Section 1.2.4, “Network Infrastructure”.


Do not create a new network in Oracle VM using the eth0 network ports of the servers in the server pool. Those ports are assigned an IP address by the DHCP server on the internal appliance management network ( If virtual machines are connected to this network, they are likely to cause IP conflicts and security issues.

Do not edit or delete any of the networks listed here. Doing so may cause your appliance to malfunction. In an Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance context, use the Networking tab to configure and manage Virtual NICs and VLANs for use by your virtual machines.

The creation and management of Virtual NICs is important for the facilitation of networking within your virtual machines. Use the Virtual NICs subtab to create batches of Virtual NICs that virtual machines are able to use. The process for creating Virtual NICs is described in the Oracle VM User's Guide in the section entitled Managing VNICs.

Figure 3.2 A view of the Networking tab