Oracle® Virtual Compute Appliance

Release Notes for Release 1.1.3

Oracle Legal Notices


June 2014

Table of Contents

1 About Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Components
2 Feature Overview
2.1 Changes and Improvements in Release 1.1.3
2.2 Changes and Improvements in Release 1.1.1
2.3 Changes and Improvements in Release 1.0.2
2.4 Key Features in Release 1.0.1
3 Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.1 Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Hardware
3.1.1 Compute Node Boot Sequence Interrupted by LSI Bios Battery Error
3.1.2 Management Node Network Interfaces Are Down After System Restart
3.1.3 ILOM Service Processor Clocks Are Out-of-Sync
3.2 Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Software
3.2.1 Do Not Reconfigure Network During Compute Node Provisioning or Upgrade
3.2.2 Nodes Attempt to Synchronize Time with the Wrong NTP Server
3.2.3 Unknown Symbol Warning during InfiniBand Driver Installation
3.2.4 Do Not Add Compute Node When Management Node Services Are Restarted
3.2.5 Do Not Execute ovca-node-db from the Command Line
3.2.6 Node Manager Does Not Show Node Offline Status
3.2.7 Update Functionality Not Available in Dashboard
3.2.8 Interrupting Download of Software Update Leads to Inconsistent Image Version and Leaves Image Mounted and Stored in Temporary Location
3.2.9 Management Node Cluster Configuration Fails During Software Update
3.2.10 Oracle VM Manager Tuning Settings Are Lost During Software Update
3.2.11 Compute Nodes Lose Oracle VM iSCSI LUNs During Software Update
3.2.12 External Storage Cannot Be Discovered Over Data Center Network
4 Feedback and Support
4.1 Providing Feedback and Reporting Problems
4.2 Contacting Oracle Specialist Support
4.3 Data Collection for Service and Support