First Financial Northwest Bank

PeopleSoft Innovator

First Financial Northwest Bank implemented Financials and Asset Management on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


First Financial Northwest Bank, in conjunction with their partner SpearMC, completed a brand-new implementation of PeopleSoft Financials and Asset Management in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in four months, with a commitment to using the latest functional capabilities out of the box to avoid customization, recognizing immediate business process improvements and utilizing native capabilities for scalable computing, storage, and disaster recovery.

Customer comments


With minimal internal headcount, limited in-house servers, and a tight budget, First Financial Northwest Bank was able to rapidly implement PeopleSoft FSCM directly onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in four months. With the help of SpearMC Consulting, First Financial Northwest Bank was able to migrate their accounting, asset management and accounts payable functions off of their previous accounting software onto PeopleSoft FSCM. By keeping the implementation "vanilla" and utilizing all the latest and greatest features and functionality, they are recognizing immediate improvements in their business process. Utilizing OCI's native features like scalable computing power and storage, disaster recovery functions, and speedy networking, First Financial Northwest Bank has modern, top-of-the line infrastructure that is secure and will meet their needs for years to come.