Fluid User Interface (UI)

Give your users a modern UI and the flexibility to use PeopleSoft applications on any device.

Fluid is the standard UI used by a majority of PeopleSoft customers. Classic Plus adds the Fluid styling to classic desktop pages for continuity across all your PeopleSoft applications.

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Choose the training that's right for you. Learn how to develop and use Fluid applications with on-demand training or courses from Oracle University and partners.

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Configuration and customization

Tailor your PeopleSoft user experience to meet your unique needs, without customizations that are costly to build and maintain.

Activity guides

Help your users get their work done fast with guided processes customized for your business.


Give your managers decision support with high-level views of team activities, key metrics, and real-time analytics.


Save time and money with prioritized daily tasks, reduced navigation, and one-stop transaction processing for your users.