Tailor PeopleSoft to meet your unique needs, without customizations that are costly to build and maintain

PeopleSoft has always enabled customers to tailor the system to meet their unique requirements. Traditional approaches to customization are expensive to create and maintain, and make it difficult to take delivered updates and new innovations. And yet, today, customers and end users expect a more personalized and productive experience than ever before.

PeopleSoft has introduced many ways to eliminate invasive customizations, configure the system to your needs, and allow your end users to personalize their experience. Using these capabilities, your system can take full advantage of delivered capabilities, be tailored to your unique requirements, provide the experience your end users expect, and position you to quickly adopt new features and innovations when they are delivered.

Create a Better User Interface with Personalization and Configuration


  • Easy for any end user
  • Makes adoption easier and users more productive
  • Similar to personalizations they already do in other places
  • Enables users to adapt the User Interface to the way they work
  • Personalizing the PeopleSoft User Interface


  • Easy to do without coding
  • Powerful—many options
  • Streamline navigation and actions
  • Eliminate costly customizations
  • Makes maintenance and image uptake easier, faster, and less expensive
  • Align User Interface with your business processes

Align Your User Interface with Your Business

Isolate or Eliminate Customizations

Drop Zones

Utilizing Drop Zones is another powerful way to manage the cost of the customizations in your ongoing maintenance.

Approvals Page Composer—Configuring approval processes

Drag and drop to define page content and keep your pages independent of delivered pages and code

Event Mapping—Custom App Class Code for Components

Keep customizations separate from delivered source code and execute before or after the delivered event code

Form Builder—Create Simple On-line Forms

Eliminate paper based forms and processes, and automate routing and approval workflows

Page and Field Configurator—Eliminate common customizations

Make fields display only, required, change the label and hide fields and pages