Sandia Labs

PeopleSoft Innovator

Sandia Labs is recognized for deploying the Fluid user interface


Sandia Labs is recognized for deploying the Fluid user interface, and in particular their extensive use of Navigation Collectives, creative use of live content on Fluid tiles, and innovative use of PeopleTools Event Mapping with Related Content to configure the system and keep delivered code separate from customizations.

Customer comments

Michael Marthe of Sandia Labs has presented on Fluid Tips, Tricks and Ah-ha moments. In the presentation a couple of things stood out. First, how Sandia Labs leverages NavCollections for many things, including putting live content on Tiles. Second, is their dedication to leveraging EventMapping for customizations moving forward. That will pay off in the long run.

Michael and Sandia Labs have taken the time to optimize their users navigation and are investing in keeping PSFT delivered code separate from their customizations. These two initiatives will make their users more productive and will make applying maintenance easier. Both worthy of an Innovation Award!

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