Hamilton Company

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Hamilton Company implemented PeopleSoft HCM replacing disparate HR systems to enhance their users' experience


Hamilton Company, in conjunction with their partner Elire, implemented PeopleSoft HCM to replace their existing disparate HR systems. In the first phase, they rolled out fluid job, absence, benefits, time and labor, and payroll. This enhanced the user experience for their users providing them a comprehensive enterprise grade HCM application that facilitates various HR functions while retaining critical historical data elements. Additionally, they made use of delivered configuration utilities such as event mapping and Page and Field Configurator to manage their customizations.

Customer comments

Hamilton Company specializes in the development, manufacturing, and customization of precision measurement devices, automated liquid handling workstations, and sample management systems. Hamilton Company has been a leading global manufacturer for more than 60 years with headquarters in Nevada and subsidiary offices throughout the world.

Hamilton Company engaged Elire in 2022 to assess HCM system options and provide a detailed recommendation for implementing a cohesive companywide HCM application. Looking to address Hamilton Company’s pre-existing and disparate HCM environment, Elire conducted a comprehensive fit/gap and scope assessment to identify a PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM application that could successfully meet the organization's needs. Ultimately, Elire’s fit/gap and scope assessment would serve as a PeopleSoft HR roadmap for Hamilton Company along their PeopleSoft HCM journey.

Immediately following the fit/gap assessment, the Elire team was retained to implement a full suite PeopleSoft HCM application. The implementation included the Human Resources (HR), Time & Labor, Absence Management, Position Management, Benefits Administration, Payroll, and Recruitment modules with their corresponding MSS/ESS functions.

Previously, Hamilton Company did not have position management capabilities, and this often led to repeated application maintenance due to management changes. In order to prevent future maintenance issues, the Elire team implemented new and proactive Position Management features. Additionally, the Elire team sought to implement new Benefits Administration capabilities that could utilize automation to enroll and maintain employee benefits. This served to be extremely valuable, as Hamilton Company no longer required manual entry for employee enrollment. Delivered configuration utilities such as event mapping and Page and Field Configurator were used to manage their customizations.

In October of 2023, the project successfully went live! Elire deployed its “Success Delivered” implementation methodology and proprietary Scope Objective Tracker toolset to successfully deliver Hamilton Company’s PeopleSoft HCM suite.

Ultimately, Elire’s engagement at Hamilton Company provided a comprehensive HCM enterprise grade application that facilitates various HR functions, all while retaining critical historical data elements. The project went live on-time and on-budget.

With a successful go-live PeopleSoft HCM implementation, Hamilton Company and Elire have big plans. The two teams intend to execute a Phase 2 rollout of Talent Acquisition Management and Recruiting capabilities, and to partner to support Benefits Open Enrollment. Looking to the future, Elire will continue to work with Hamilton Company as their PeopleSoft managed services support partner.